Boost Your Income: 3 Spiritual Steps to Success

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  • Why have Jews flourished economically?
  • Do you treat money like candles or cake?
  • What money advice does Joseph and his brothers have for you?
  • Do you make money or take money?
  • Should you do what you love or love what you do?
Whether you are starting out in your career or you’ve been working for years, this riveting audio teaching will motivate you to do better and provide valuable tools for your success.
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Especially in challenging economic time, how we approach making money greatly affects how much money we make. This deceptively simple CD provides three mind-changing ideas to accelerate your earning power. It expands and adds to the life changing in lessons in Rabbi Daniel Lapin widely acclaimed book, Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money.

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12 reviews for Boost Your Income: 3 Spiritual Steps to Success

  1. Christina V. (verified owner)

  2. Bonnie M. (verified owner)

    I think I did not glean as much from this because I had read the book with similar content.

  3. Elizabeth Smith (verified owner)

  4. Ernest (verified owner)

    Everyone should listen to this truth and apply it to their lives.

  5. David M. (verified owner)

  6. Richard Wilshe (verified owner)

    Nice and succinct advice. Thanks Rabbi!

  7. mery shope

    It is a new light on an ancient teaching i didn’t know about. Perhaps there will be a copy in Spanish (castellano) one day so i can share with my family and friends. (one only can hope) 🙂

  8. debby

    i am soon gonna get rabbi’s cd….he talks like jesus …like someone that has authority and seems like he has lots of it on this subject that right now is of concern to me. I cant wait to hear what he says about doing what ‘ you do ‘ versus doing what ‘ you like ‘

  9. Smith

    A very good overview of biblical economics and relationships. It has really caused me to re-evaluate what I work for and what I’m supposed to be doing – fulfilling the needs of others. I definitely recommend it.

  10. Louise

    yum yum i will read it but i have to first get the funds first , thats how lacking of monies i am right now…..looking forward to reading the book..and finally prospering !!!!!! loves ya for writin this!!!!!

  11. June George

    Talk about a paradigm shift! This teaching really opened my eyes as to how to tap into financial increase. And how NOT to! The cake and candles illustration is brilliant (no pun intended) and truly drives home the point Rabbi Lapin is making. To be quite honest, this teaching is 180 degrees from most messages I have heard on this subject. Well done!

  12. D in L.A.

    How great is this Rabbi? I love this CD and look forward to the next set of teachings on prosperity. Sign me up if you do this as a subscription CD monthly.

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