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Return Your Grocery Cart

With speaking events scheduled in Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando recently, I enjoyed the hospitality of five different hotels. Without naming the hotels because it is not entirely their fault, rude and inconsiderate conduct is apparently becoming common. One morning, preparing to depart, I sought in vain for one of the complimentary luggage trolleys one usually […]

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A Prince and a Pauper

There is no such thing as a level playing field in the real world. Some of us win what I call the ovarian lottery when it comes to health, others when it comes to place of birth. Some of us have genes wired for height and attractiveness, while other babies might enter the world with

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The Might of the Corporation

About 350 years ago, one of the most astounding tools for human development emerged. The joint stock company or the corporation first showed up in England and Holland and was largely responsible for rapidly propelling those two countries to international prominence and prosperity. Those early corporations bore names like The Hudson Bay Company, The Dutch

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Silly Ideas

Many people actively work in the world of “things”. Car mechanics, aircraft designers, electricians, farmers, bridge designers, bridge builders, and bridge painters are some of these people. Plumbers, carpenters, crane operators, machinists, gardeners, concrete masons, and shoemakers are a few more. Nature’s laws of physics, chemistry, and biology keep these people in check. As you

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Men Need Work

With a population of over 300 million people, America can be a statistical sociologist’s dream. Because doctors record so many details about patients, a treasure trove of medical data is available for research (we hope scrubbed of identifying information). Particulars of patients’ gender, height, weight, medications, and ailments are all there to be studied. When

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Effete Intellectuals Ignore Reality

In some jobs, you work mostly with people. Teachers, nurses, waitresses, customer service specialists, therapists, and stewardesses come to mind. Not surprisingly they are occupations which women often prefer and happen to be good at. (Yes, of course, I know that these are obsolete ‘stereotypes’ but humor me and go back a few years.) Then

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Too Much Togetherness

We all know the sad story of the loner becoming a mass murderer. It’s not hard to find dozens of tragic accounts of callous killings in which the one word that consistently appears in the narratives is the word “loner”. It seems that when God said, “It is not good for man to be alone”

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Power All the Way to the End

Have you ever found that once you’re in the midst of a project, you lose some of the enthusiasm and excitement that motivated you at its beginning? It’s just plain harder to keep going on an existing enterprise than it was to launch it in the first place. As children, we were particularly susceptible to

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Why Are the Shrinks Jewish?

I enjoyed watching a five-floor building being constructed nearby. I enjoyed the sound as workmen started up the giant diesel engines in their bulldozers promptly at 7am every morning. I enjoyed watching men swarm up rickety-looking scaffolding to pour concrete columns and sway precariously on cherry picker platforms thirty feet up in the air welding

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Two Countries – Two Religions

As a fan of geography (Not social studies, but geography!) I can think of quite a few islands with an international border cutting through them. Cyprus, St. Martin, and Ireland come to mind. It is the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, however, that fascinates me the most. On no other divided island I know, does the

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