Dave Ramsey

Financial Peace University. Nashville, Tennessee
"I did not know of Rabbi Daniel Lapin until a friend gave me a copy of the book Thou Shall Prosper in a men's Bible study group a couple of years ago. I had never heard of the book before, but I flipped through it and later read it in detail with the study group. I was completely blown away. It is definitely one of the top financial books I have ever read-and I've read a lot of them. Rabbi Lapin shows that when you contribute to the well-being of other people through honorable business and wise stewardship, you win. And it's not just your victory; it impacts everyone around you. You can actually create wealth in your community, and when you do, everyone benefits."

Zig Ziglar (1926-2012)

Author and World Renowned Motivational Speaker
"Even those of us who invest our lives in teaching and advising other people need our own sources of wisdom and advice, in other words – a rabbi, and Daniel Lapin is my rabbi. His background and scholarship uniquely equip him to help people like me extract the deep meaning of each Biblical verse to improve every aspect of my life. And let me tell you, as someone who has been speaking to large audiences for years this rabbi can really entertain while he educates – you’ll laugh while you learn. If you want access to a life-transforming Biblical blueprint for your life, make Daniel Lapin your rabbi – you won’t regret it.”

Dr. James C. Dobson, Ph.D.

Founder and Chairman Focus on the Family
"Rabbi Lapin has so much insight into our culture’s spiritual condition, and I pray our fellow believers heed his chilling warning about the price we’ll pay if we ignore the increasing persecution of Christians. There is so much at stake and as Rabbi Lapin points out, Western Civilization as we know it simply will not survive the silencing of the Church."

Dr. Pat Robertson

The 700 Club, CBN
"I am grateful that you have worked tirelessly to build bridges between Christians and Jews, and to help restore to America the Judeo Christian roots on which our civilization was built."

Pastor John MacArthur

Grace Community Church. Sun Valley, California
"Rabbi Daniel Lapin's teaching is consistently engrossing and practically always profitable on multiple levels. Although I would have to disagree with some of his most fundamental ideas about the true meaning of the biblical text (and how to get there), his teaching is instructive because of the richness of his insights into Jewish oral traditions. I especially appreciate the clarity, conviction, and boldness with which he teaches. In that regard, his teaching style provides a model evangelical preachers would do well to emulate."

Dr. John C. Hagee

Cornerstone Church. San Antonio, Texas
"Rabbi Daniel Lapin is an Orthodox rabbi who has joined me several times on our national and international television broadcasts. Rabbi Lapin presents the Bible in both entertaining and informative ways. He presents hidden nuggets of Bible truth in an exciting manner with laser beam intensity."

Attendee Feedback from Recent Events

“Such a great speaker. His passion is palpable. Took away several key nuggets.”

“Thank you to Rabbi Lapin for breaking through a culture that shames wealth, entrepreneurship and making money. Absolutely an inspiration.”

“Awesome!! Very pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed him SO much!! Great information, and a very funny, genuine man!! Would love to hear him again!”

“Very smart man. He makes you want to change your whole way of thinking regarding business. I learned a lot from him. He was funny too.”

“Can’t thank God enough for Rabbi Lapin. Every word struck a chord, and I was so encouraged and educated at the same time.”

“This was SUCH an important topic. Thank you for changing my mindset on making money.”

“Got his book immediately. He said stuff to me I have never heard anyone say before. His talk was pivotal in my motivation.”

“Spoke truth on topics in a way I’ve never heard before. Opened my eyes, thank you so much Rabbi you helped with my money guilt.”

“He was phenomenal! Gave me a totally different perspective on servanthood and money.”

“Engaging delivery. Refreshing perspective. I like it when someone challenges my long-held beliefs and encourages me to think about things differently. I’m still sorting through where I’ll land on some of the topics he addressed, but his was definitely one of my favorite presentations.”

“WOW! I had to buy his book on Amazon while he was talking. The relationship with money was on target.”