Rabbi Daniel Lapin Coaching Program

Since the 1980s, Rabbi Daniel Lapin has been advising select individuals in the areas of business/career and marriage/family. Private clients of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin Coaching™ program benefit substantially from direct, personal access to his customized individual guidance.

This one-on-one private consulting model is based on ancient Jewish wisdom’s permanent principles pertaining to the four Fs—Family, Financial, Faith, & Friendship, and crucially, the often-camouflaged interactions between all four.

    • – Integrate purpose-driven strategy and values-based leadership into both your family and business life.
    • – Learn Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s powerful techniques of private journaling and time maximization.
    • – Strategize all aspects of your life to align priorities and elevate performance.
    • – Personal/professional accountability to the goals and mission you set.

Please download the Coaching Program Brochure for complete details of what is included in the program.


Time Frame Options: Six or twelve-month programs available.

Costs: Naturally, I need to tell you that participation isn’t free; though given my standard fee for a ninety-minute speech, you’ll pay a modest monthly participation fee of $2,400 and commit to any ‘homework’ we agree on.

You are of course free to cancel your six-month program at any time (with 15 days’ notice – no refunds); but if, at this time, you feel tentative or uncertain about yourself or your finances, we just may not be a good fit right now.

Number of Available opportunities: Right now, three available openings (for men only) will be assigned to qualified candidates on a first-come basis. Alternatively, you are welcome to apply for a coaching slot with my wife, Susan. If interested, please complete the application below. If all three spots have already been reserved when you apply, we can add your name to the wait list.

Contact admin@rabbidaniellapin.com with any questions about the program.

Download the coaching brochure


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