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After marriage, Susan Lapin transferred the strengths and abilities she had developed in her own career and embraced her husband’s mission of transmitting ancient Jewish wisdom. They are true partners in everything from raising and cherishing their family, to sailing the Pacific Ocean, to co-authoring books and co-hosting a TV show. As her children became more independent, Susan began devoting more hours to the Lapins’ life-work.

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Growing up in New York, Susan knew that she did not want to be a teacher. God’s plans proved her wrong. After receiving a stellar elementary and high school education, including extensive Biblical and Hebrew language studies, and graduating summa cum laude from college with a degree in Humanities, Susan began a career with a financial organization on the West coast.

Shortly after moving west, she walked into an amazing synagogue where a dynamic, young rabbi was teaching. Her life trajectory changed. As one of the few congregants with a knowledgeable Jewish background Susan soon found herself teaching classes to the synagogue’s adult women as well as marrying the rabbi, Daniel Lapin. Marriage entailed becoming a competent sailor, and, while busy with three children under three years old, Susan found herself outfitting a sailboat galley for what eventually became a 22-day sailing expedition from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Life had certainly changed.

As both the synagogue and the Lapin family grew, Susan taught Torah classes for the women of the community and formed a tightly knit group with other young mothers as  they set up their homes and raised their children.. Despite being intensely involved in creating a Jewish school for the community children, Susan responded to one of her own daughter’s needs by homeschooling. When the Lapins moved to Washington State when their eldest was eleven, homeschooling became a family activity.

As the seven Lapin children grew, Susan found more time for writing and speaking. Today, she writes the popular Susan’s Musings column and for many years co-hosted the Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV show on the TCT network. She also collaborates on books with her husband including their newest book, The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships, and Fitness.

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