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Rabbi Daniel Lapin is one of America’s most courageous and eloquent voices fighting secular fundamentalism. He ardently believes and persuasively demonstrates that America’s success derives from our commitment to Judeo-Christian foundations, including Biblical attitudes to marriage and money, and that abandoning them imperils all we hold dear.

Rabbi Lapin was the founding rabbi of Pacific Jewish Center, a now legendary Orthodox synagogue in Venice, CA. He is the president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC) a national movement of Jewish and Christian cooperation in the area of family, faith, and fortune. He is a headline speaker for hundreds of companies, organizations, and institutions and was the keynote speaker at the Congressional bi-partisan opening of the 106th Congress in Washington, D.C.

An enthusiastic boater who has sailed his family across the Pacific, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and his wife, Susan, homeschooled their seven children and take great joy in their family.

You can watch videos of Rabbi Daniel Lapin and hear his latest podcast on this page.

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin are very excited about the publication of their new book, The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships, and Fitness. (release date: Sep 26, 2023)

In addition to writing their regular columns, Thought ToolsAsk the Rabbi, and Susan’s Musings, and taping Rabbi Lapin’s weekly podcast (available on multiple platforms) they are deeply involved in their membership site,  They continue to work on new resources including their Scrolling through Scripture video courses.

No. The paragraphs below introduced Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s best-selling book, America’s Real War: An Orthodox Jew Insists that Judeo-Christian Values Are Vital for Our Country’s Survival and may help you understand Rabbi Lapin’s work with and appreciation for the Christian community.

“I am an Orthodox rabbi. I am the son of a famous Orthodox rabbi and the brother of two more. My teachers were the great scholars who headed the Gateshead Talmudic Academy in England, some of whom were uncles and cousins. I became a disciple of my great-uncle, the revered Rabbi Eliyahu (Elijah) Lopian (the original family name) during my many years of study at the theological academy of Kfar Hassidim in Israel. Although I often fall short, I do my best to live my life and raise my children according to the laws of the five books of Moses, our holy Torah, and the customs of Moses and of Israel.

Because it is so unusual these days for a rabbi to say nice things about Christians, I consider it necessary to explain that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Christian. I profess no special expertise of the books known as the New Testament. Being infatuated with Judaism and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I dedicate my study time to expanding my familiarity with Jewish theology. In the midst of a life-long love affair with the searing truth of the Torah, I reject any notion of theological compatibility between Judaism and Christianity; I do not believe a devoutly religious Jew can also be a born-again Christian. One faith has produced Judaism, the longest-lasting, continuous culture in the history of the world, while the other has been responsible for the founding of America, the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

In making the case for Christianity in America, I am not suggesting that Jews ought to embrace the Christian faith. I believe that Jews should actively embrace traditional Judaism; I have spent many years of my life helping to bring that about. But I am suggesting, at the very least, that Jews should stop speaking and acting as if Christian America is their enemy. I feel that all Americans who love freedom, whether or not they are religious, should welcome the reawakening of earnest Christianity throughout the land. I shall try to establish that Jews as well as other minorities have the most to fear from a post-Christian America.”

We coined the term “ancient Jewish wisdom” to describe the oral tradition that has accompanied the written Bible since the time of Moses. The Torah is the Hebrew name for the Five Books of Moses. God dictated the Torah to Moses during the daylight hours on Mount Sinai and during the nights he drilled the great teacher of Israel on the hidden meanings and multi-layers found in every letter and word. Throughout the Bible there are “hooks” that remind us to look to the oral tradition. These include words that seem to be misspelled, contradictions, unusually shaped letters and unusual words, numerical values of words and so much more.

All that material was taught to the Israelites during the forty years in the desert, history’s longest graduate school program. From them it was handed down, parent to child and teacher to disciple. About two thousand years ago it began to be written down in an extremely abbreviated shorthand form for fear of it becoming forgotten. It is studied and taught in traditional Torah-oriented Bible seminaries till today. When a Torah believing Jew studies, he is always studying the written word along with the oral transmission.

In colonial America, many of the leading pastors and statesmen not only knew Hebrew but had correspondence and friendships with leading rabbis of the day. As such, their studies included parts of this oral Torah and a surprising amount of ancient Jewish wisdom disseminated into the Christian community and became part of what we call the Western world. One could literally spend a lifetime studying and not absorb the entire blueprint of existence that flows from the Torah. Without knowledge of Hebrew and without a link to someone in the chain of transmission, it is not knowledge that one can intuit or reach by means of reasoning or common sense. Often the truth is counter-intuitive and in contradiction to current thinking.

There are excellent resources and, unfortunately, terrible ones out in the greater world. At Lifecodex Publishing and at the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, our mission is to share important parts of this transmission and to arm those who are faithful to God with a deeper understanding of His wishes and His guidance to us.

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Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin started Lifecodex Publishing as a means of producing books, audio CDs, DVD and courses that further their mission of making ancient Jewish wisdom accessible to people of all faiths and backgrounds. In addition, they publish authors whose books they feel provide similar value. You can see what Lifecodex produces by going to our store page.

The American Alliance of Jews and Christians is an educational organization dedicated to encouraging and facilitating Jews and Christians working together to promote Judeo-Christian values in an increasingly secular society. Please read more about AAJC here.

Please visit our AAJC page to make your contribution.  You can make a single contribution, recurring monthly contributions, or get information to mail in your support.  We accept credit card or PayPal online, or check/cash via mail.

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For years people have been asking us to recommend a Bible and we finally have one to recommend. Rabbi Daniel Lapin recommends this Bible and uses it himself in both daily study and in teaching. The Hebrew text retains exactly the same two types of paragraph breaks found in an authentic Torah scroll. The English translation is as good as can be found. You can purchase it directly from our store.

The best resources we have, won’t teach you to speak Hebrew, but will go through some fundamentals about the language. We encourage you to check out Rabbi’s new online courses called Scrolling Through Scripture series.  In his first unit, he unpacks the foundational principles found in Genesis Chapter 1, and goes verse by verse. And the paired study guide has a Hebrew Immersion section. You will be sure to learn more about the language as you study alongside of him.

Additionally, after many years, Rabbi Daniel Lapin has found a Hebrew/English translation of the Bible that he feels is a good and accurate foundation for understanding God’s word. We have started carrying Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Recommend Hebrew/English Bible in our store and it can be purchased here.

You may also want to look at Rabbi Lapin’s book, Buried Treasure – this book is designed to explore some of the meanings of the Hebrew words.  It reveals many ways in which Hebrew acts differently from any other language and gives insights into important ideas that flow from the words. It will also explain some rules that guide understanding Biblical Hebrew. Another book offered on our website, Aleph-Bet, although a children’s book, is designed to give familiarity with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, but again, not in speaking Hebrew.

If your goal is to learn to speak Hebrew you may want to look for a local class. A good resource to search for local synagogues or potentially classes in your area is through

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