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Among the many things for which we should be grateful, let’s remember to include the idea of a day set aside for giving thanks. In a modern culture that fosters ingratitude and resentment, such a day is ever more so needed.

Special Announcement – Happy Warriors Basic Membership

Dear Happy Warriors, A frequent theme in our books and writings is how being anchored to core values and permanent principles liberates us to adjust to changing circumstances. Well, we have some changes coming. Two driving forces are leading us to act by introducing a We Happy Warriors Basic level. The good news first! Our …

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Space Race Superiority

I’m currently reading, Beyond: The Astonishing Story of the First Human to Leave Our Planet and Journey into Space by Stephen Walker. It is a gripping read and since I was rather young at the time, I’m learning a great deal. One of the most fascinating insights I’m getting syncs with the message of the …

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Memorial Day

In an article he wrote for Memorial Day, Lieutenant colonel Oliver North quoted the following from General George Patton: “It is wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God such men lived.”

Grateful for Books

What are you currently reading? On our shelf are I Marched with Patton by Frank Sisson and a for a recuperating COVID patient who isn’t ready to handle anything heavy, a second time around for Alexander McCall-Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series.

A Good Name

A statement of King Solomon’s comes to mind as we continue this United States election marathon.  “A good name is more precious than good oil.” Having spent four years deceiving the American people both through acts of commission and omission, including encouraging the spending of enormous amounts of taxpayer money on an investigation into Russian …

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