Your Next Postcard = The Transcontinental Railroad of The 1860s

When the Golden Spike was driven in the spring of 1869 to join the railroad that came from the east to that which came from the west where they met in Utah, a new era of human productivity began. Anything that facilitates human connection brings positive results whether it was the telegraph in 1844 or the telephone, radio, television right up to the Internet in our time. Every time you pick up the phone to connect with someone, positive steps are set in place even though you may not know the eventual result. When you write someone a postcard and drop it in the mail, it might end up as significant as the first time it became possible to ride the rails across the continent. We never know what can grow from the seeds of human connection. Try it!

2 thoughts on “Your Next Postcard = The Transcontinental Railroad of The 1860s”

  1. When I was young, my aunt would occasionally write me a letter. I felt so special that she took the time to write me. My grandmother use to write letters to me also and I loved receiving them. I need to do that for my grandchildren. Encouraging words from their Nana could not be a bad thing. Right?

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