7 thoughts on “Would a Chimpanzee Understand?”

  1. Thank you. This reminds me of a cassette tape I bought 20+ years ago titled “Partnership Power” where the differences between animals and people were explored to understand ways to improve one’s life. One concept was the awareness of time to apply limits on how long you talk to others. I wish it were still available in CD format.

    This thought tool gave me an epiphany about how music changed and became less spiritual. Contrast the singing of The Carpenters and The Beatles to Van Halen and other rock groups in the late 70’s and there was an emergence of screaming and yelling in the lyrics. As a kid, this was hard to get used to. Isn’t the yelling more Chimpanzee like?

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Adrian–
      I would be interested in rereleasing my old “Partnership Power” program. Thank you for making me think of it again. It is certainly as or more relevant than it was when I originally produced it. If you have any more thoughts on this idea, please communicate by going to our website, http://www.RabbiDanielLapin.com and clicking on About Us and then Contact Us.
      Best wishes,


    Dear Rabbi Lapin- Your essay brings back memories of behavioral psychology and BF Skinner- It would be something to read an essay between you two- I get your point! Val Magnuson

  3. Dear Rabbi,
    ‘ Economic activity is another way in which we satisfyingly distance ourselves from the animal kingdom and draw closer to God.’
    It seems to me that a drug dealer doesn’t come in this category.

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