Wishing those injured by gunshot in Alexandria this morning, a full & speedy recovery

Yes, I know…If only 1/100th of 1% of Americans are crazy, (that’s one person in 10,000, and you know from looking around you that is is higher than that, right?) and every really crazy person acts out abominably only once each year, we ought to have about 85 really crazy bad incidents every day. So we’re quite lucky here in America. This morning was bad enough but at least we don’t have 85 such events a day.

Still, I’m curious. Will progressive socialists like Bernie and Hillary, like George Soros and Sen Chuck Schumer (NY) and their shills in media, government bureaucracies, entertainment, unions, and academia admit that their unrestrained and hyperbolic attacks on Pres. Donald Trump these last six months might just have qualified as hate-speech and maybe carries a little responsibility for this morning? If they do, I’ll commend them but I’m not holding my breath.

1 thought on “Wishing those injured by gunshot in Alexandria this morning, a full & speedy recovery”

  1. Good morning Rabbi,
    This is another example of what you have spoke about in the past, that Liberals think with their hearts, where as Conservatives think with their heads. Many Liberals are so consumed with hatred for Trump and Republicans, that in their world, the victims had it coming because they are Republicans. They don’t stop to think about the damage the shooting will have on the victims wives, children, family members, etc. If you went to the facebook page of the shooter, you would think he worked for CNN or MSNBC. He used the same terminology and language they use all the time. I don’t think this will be a one time incident, since the hate for Trump will not go away any time soon, and the people you mention will not quiet their feelings.

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