As difficult weather conditions prevail, stay safe, warm and take care of each other.

1 thought on “Winter”

  1. Rabbi Lapin, I’m struck by the way you have phrased this as it reminds of how my thought trail has been. In early 2020 we were instructed to wear masks and distance for the sake of our fellow man lest we contaminate one another. Yes there are a great many views on all of this, but that along with this cold weather where in my state of OK has had to endure rolling black outs of electricity as the entire electric grid of the center of the US from Montana to S. Texas was under such a load, we had to take turns and our power was shut off for an hour and a half during the “heat” (I use this ironically..quite the opposite) of the moment when it was most dire. They say it worked and by doing this it took the load off the grid. We were also instructed to conserve electricity. It reminded me of early 2020 when we saw some hoarding groceries, and the whole strange toilet paper debacle. It also makes me think of when the children of Israel hoarded manna, but that’s a different rabbit trail! I wonder if we are being forced as a nation, and a people to look out for each other. To think of others, and remember we are not the only ones in this world. I really do wonder about that. You asked for thoughts this is mine. Reminds me of a verse, I can’t remember where just now in one of the minor prophets, I believe that says something along the lines of..”when my judgements are in the earth, then the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness” : )

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