Winter White; Congressional Blight

I have a book on my shelves titled, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. Anyone under the age of thirty could be forgiven for thinking that it is a contemporary political tome. It isn’t. Published in 1942, it is the story of two young women taking a European tour after finishing college in America in the 1920s.

My daughters grew up doing Rainbow Brite® puzzles and drawing pictures of nature’s colorful phenomenon. The rainbow’s vibrant appearance made it a popular theme for children’s parties and decorations. Today, the rainbow is a political statement.

I have a number of white articles of clothing in my closet. On Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the dominant color in the synagogue is white as Jews illustrate the idea of our sins turning as white as snow after we repent. I am drawing the line here. I am not surrendering the color white to today’s political resistance to the President.

The Democrat ladies of Congress made a clear statement at President Trump’s State of the Union Speech. It may not have been the one they were hoping to make. They looked arrogant and self-centered. Their attitude showed a lack of caring about minorities, and indeed all Americans, who are back at work in a growing economy. They were indifferent to young girls enslaved by human traffickers. They showed contempt for human life in its earliest moments. Their only celebration was of themselves.

These women do not represent me nor do they represent millions of other American women. However, do not underestimate the peril they present. In August 2016, I explained why I was supporting Donald Trump even though good and caring friends were not voting for him because they were uncertain about his stance on abortion. (

The past two-and-a-half years have made clear what would have happened on this issue had Hillary Clinton been elected. The Democrat Party has transitioned from being the party of abortion to being the party of infanticide and euthanasia. It is  the party that fights free speech and opposes private property. It is a movement that denigrates traditional values and religion. Those of us who recognize the dangers of their ideas becoming more widespread have to focus completely on the patient in the emergency room—America—and stand up bravely, wisely and with steel-like resolve. We need to stop seeking perfection in our representatives (just as we do in ourselves) and get out our vote. At the same time, let’s go ahead and wear white— complemented by a bright red MAGA hat.

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  1. Mannerism, also known as Late Renaissance, is a style in European art that emerged in the later years of the Italian High Renaissance around 1520, spreading by about 1530 and lasting until about the end of the 16th century in Italy, when the Baroque style largely replaced it.

  2. I thought it was ironic that they were all in white, while sneering at, and mocking all the accomplishments of minorities. It reminded me of all the pictures of the ladies of the KKK.

    1. I understand that supposedly the white was to honor suffragettes, but honestly, that makes no sense. Suffragettes did not give the vote only to liberal women, so making it a partisan appeal without any corresponding education (and this was certainly the wrong venue for that) did have them looking like anything but principled women.

  3. Thanks Suzan for your posting I agree totally with every single thing that you have said there are many that who are for you should be writing a book and should always be posting their thoughts I think you should write a book and think of one that would get all together who agree with what you say and what you teach and what you stand for

    1. Ah, Mike – the idea of writing a book is one that does go through my mind. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Susan and everyone, I also raise my hand for “they do not represent me!!” Ugh! Their smugness brings out the worst in me. I struggle to take the high road, pray for them, and refrain from being extra-snarky myself. (However, anything which I desperately need God’s help to do eventually serves me, if I ask Him, and receive the help.)

    That said, I’m going to indulge my snark for 10 seconds and say that during the SOTU address, and ever since, the image of those giggling gals in white has caused the preposterous pop song “Like a Virgin,” by Madonna, to run in my head in a continuous loop. If anyone remembers the video, maybe you too see the dark humor in my connecting these two things. Worthy of white garb? Ha!

    Jesus was kind to the humble, but criticized religious hypocrites, calling them at one point “whitewashed sepulchres.”

    ‘Nuff said. I’m done. Back to prayer!

    Keep on wearing white, Ladies, and Gents, too, whenever you like! Flag pin, MAGA hat, whatever you can get away with. It’s still a FREE country!

    PS Susan I listen to you and Rabbi Lapin every night on!

    1. If that’s your snarkiest, Susan, you are quite saintly in my book. But then, I don’t think I ever saw that video, so maybe not.

  5. It is of the utmost importance & urgency not to believe that all things are “business as usual” now, or that things will return to normalcy down the line. Things have changed and are changing rapidly, as we type and read this. The Bible commands us not to cower to fear and intimidation, and we have the greatest models throughout, such as Elijah, Nehemiah and especially Yeshua/Jesus for us Judeo-Christians who study and love both books of it — and Israel. As the faithful of Judaism and Judeo-Christianity, it is our DUTY not to remain silent in the face of secularism. We can not be stagnant, we must take action. Why else were we created?? … Certainly not simply to gratify ourselves. No, we are to be the Light of the World and the Salt of the Earth. So many wonder daily, “What can I do to serve God & make the world a better place?” Honey, you’re standing in history’s grand strawberry patch of opportunity, right now:

    1.) Promote God and His principles wherever you go. Don’t let the world or pop-culture blot out His name — remind family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers that HE IS REAL. Give His good & perfect “advice” to people. Share His wisdom that can help them, and give HIM all the credit. That’s one EASY way.
    2.) VOTE, VOTE, VOTE in EVERY election — local & national. VOTE.
    Don’t allow yourself to be lazy and ignorant when so much is at stake, keep abreast of the issues, see through the political jargon & talking points, and ask yourself, “What’s at stake here for me and my kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews?” Defend your democracy and liberty, or it will be taken from you, and you’ll have no one to blame, but your complacent self. VOTE, PEOPLE, VOTE!
    3.) Read, study and contemplate your Bible daily to KNOW what is right and what is wrong in GOD’s eyes. His is thee only TRANSCENDENT standard above every possible influence and crooked agenda. Then, you’ll easily and swiftly discern a lie, a bill of goods and dangerous hogwash; and you’ll easily see history repeating itself and potential dangers that might manifest up ahead, if we don’t STAND TOGETHER. Defend yourself in God’s prescribed way through the ages — especially now, in this tricky new one we are in.
    4.) And pray for the United States of America and its leaders — all of them. Remember, this is God’s country — He is its Landlord! Make no mistake about it, this is a spiritual battle, and those who serve The Lord Your God are NEVER alone. Fight, faithful, fight!

    Shalom & Cheers!

    1. Four excellent points, Doris. Before SOTU, I heard a tape of Maxine Waters urging people to not listen. I understand why. It is so much easier to tell people what you want them to think than to have them thinking and making judgements for themselves.

    1. Thank you, Gloria. I did receive a private email to our office upset at what I wrote. I will happily publish it and comment on it if it submitted publicly.

  6. Dr. Shivalgo should be required reading in every high school English class.
    Respectfully submitted, Brian

    1. I assume you mean Dr. Zhivago, Brian? Though transliterating from Russian, anything goes, but I think ZH is more common. I’d settle for any general knowledge of history.

  7. Dear Susan, I am in full agreement with what you said. I saw the white unity as a revelation of Ice Cold Hearts against anything good our God given President is trying to accomplish for the safety and good of the people of this nation and future generations. I did feel that if the white kept them from screaming and heckling negatives etc which concerned me greatly then ok. After the travesty during the Cavanaugh hearings I really did not know what would end up happening. God prevailed throughout that speech and may God continue to prevail as all Christians pray daily for our President and all his advisors etc as well as state lawmakers ready to kill babies on demand with grotesque laws like New York passes with squealing celebratory chants. I watch and enjoy and learn from your program and materials. Thank you and God Bless you and Rabbi Daniel and your ministry.

    1. Kathleen, it is possible that the extremism on abortion is “waking the sleeping giant,” and that this will lead to good things. I certainly pray so.

    1. Marlene, the question is how we coalesce into one identifiable identity so that we can speak with the force of numbers. I know many wonderful organizations, each representing many women, but we do need one umbrella organization. I wonder if that is possible?

      1. Susan,

        I have to say that I came away from watching the SOTU not quite being able to put my finger on exactly what I did not approve of those donning white for the event, other than to draw attention without need to exercise any actual substance that would require some sort of intelligence, but now I know exactly what it was! Thank you.

        And I do think the idea of unifying under one umbrella organization would be not only possible, considering with God anything is possible, but also warranted in such a time as this. A time at which the reality that Adam called his wife Eve, ki em kol chai, is receiving the same contemptuous dismissal exhibited by these women in white. Perhaps an organization under an umbrella called the “Extant (or Enduring) Valor Entente.”

        And wouldn’t it be somewhat poetic and a proper rebuttal to this group that these might be dressed in red, as symbolic of each member’s value as far above rubies. Rubies which are drawn out of solid ground rather than found in any lofty domains.

        1. I think you did put your finger on it, Nancy. It drew attention to themselves while not having any substance.

  8. Dear Susan,
    I agree with you 100%! Everything you wrote is right on target with a biblical viewpoint. I pray your article plants seeds of truth in those with searching hearts.
    In a hurry and have to run, but first must thank you for sharing your heart and for saying what so many of us believe.

    In Christian love,
    Sonia Nelson

    1. Sonia, I guess I assume that if I’m thinking something, many others must be thinking similarly and it helps all of us to think clearly by getting ideas down in print.

  9. I agree with you Susan. I love your idea of wearing white and a Mega hat! My heart hurts when I think of the babies that will lose their lives because of the recent New York law and the other states that seem to be following them. Have our men and women really become so Godless?

  10. When I watched, after the disclosure of the Medical School yearbook photo, I kept thinking, where are their pointy KKK hats?
    I’m not sure why Ms Pelosie chose
    white but I found it a negative distraction.
    It was disappointing but not a surprise that they couldn’t stand for the many very positive things that have been accomplished under this administration. Not even for increased unemployment numbers for women, blacks, and Hispanics. Very sad.

  11. Exactly, Susan. I felt the same way when I watched the SOTU address. Queen Pelosi reminded me of the Grand Marm with slipping dentures. Their Immature behavior is embarrassing for our country. So glad that Melania remain her own classy self.

  12. I rarely wear white but was thinking maybe I never will after this. I was for Trump from the beginning. I felt we needed someone that was not a career politician. Many of my Christian friends were angry that I would support him. I knew he would protect Israel and felt he was not afraid to call a spade a spade. I wish he would stay off Twitter sometimes.
    He has exceeded my expectations as Commander in Chief. I didn’t not expect him to be my pastor but feel that he has risen to this momentous occasion in history.
    I am really enjoying the podcasts and articles. Thank you and your husband for being a wise voice in the wilderness. Blessings

  13. Dear Susan, I’m probably among the few that disagree, in part, with what you and the others have said here. Time and space precludes me from expounding on points of disagreement and why. I did not see the display of arrogance and self-centeredness as you say you observed. Maybe we were watching from different angles, or better yet, different perspectives. My guess is that if you were to meet with each of those women in white, one-one-one, away from the cameras, with an attempt to try and “reason together” taking a hint from Isaiah, you may find you have more in common than you have in differences. I’m a life-long Democrat, but very frustrated over the direction, to the far left, our party has gone. I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but for Mitt Romney in 2012. The current President’s bombastic mannerism, insulting personality…even to members of his own administration, and highly-flawed character is disgusting. Yes, he has said and done several good things. But even a blind squirrel will stumble across an acorn every now and then. Shalom!

    1. Where I saw arrogance and self-centeredness was in the dancing at the mention of their election to office. To be fair, I think the President was playing them. I actually think that I would not find a lot in common with many of these women, though I would have with those with whom I politically disagreed on many issues in earlier years. I think the chasm is becoming greater.
      I agree that the President’s manner is often off-putting and bombastic, but I don’t think he is ‘stumbling across acorns.’ I think he does have a love for this country and for the American people and that underlies his policy actions. To my regret, I think anyone who was less of a below-the-belt fighter than he is never would have won the election.
      I admire you for being able to walk away from the Democrat Party. It is certainly not the party of Moynihan and company anymore.

  14. “James 7:07” You said it just about perfectly! And as an aside, your “voice” in writing is unique, hope you find a way to put that light on a lampstand!

    Mrs. Susan,
    As always, you prove there is a GOOD, WISE woman behind every wise man ! Thanks for speaking for ALL THE REST of us !

  15. Greatgrandpa Vince

    Thank you Susan, you hit the nail on the head. We wear white once a year on G-d’s most Holy day, these arrogant ungodly women are a disgrace to white clothing. They are filled with darkness, the white clothing did not hide it.

    1. Well, Greatgrandpa Vince, I have no problem with wearing white more than once a year, but I did find mass dressing to be an odd idea.

        1. Conformity is a hallmark of socialist thinking, Eileen. America has usually revered rugged individualism.

  16. Dear Susan, you have nailed it again. When I was young and naive I joined the Democratic Party because they seemed to really care about the poor and weak. Back then one could be pro-life and still find a home among Democrats. That changed dramatically when Bill Clinton won the Democratic nomination and he and Hillary refused to allow PA Governor Bob Casey, the current Senator’s father, a place as a speaker at the convention because the governor was pro-life. I recalled someone from years before, I can’t remember his name, saying after Roe v. Wade was decided that we were now on a slippery slope away from values that celebrated life as a gift from the Creator. I knew then I had to leave the Democratic Party.

    The decision to do so was quickly confirmed when the Clinton Administration decided the federal workforce needed to learn to be tolerant of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. We were required to undergo diversity training and warned that failure to do so would be recorded in our permanent personnel files. My office was quick to comply with the Executive Order implementing this policy. So my fellow workers and I dutifully went to sessions that far from enlightening us about discrimination issues, focused on more physical aspects of these lifestyles. I spent the entire session I attended with my eyes closed and concentrated on praying for the Holy One to save people caught up in these pro-death lifestyles from themselves. Two weeks later, our front office announced that the Administration had determined that this abomination of a training course violated employees’ right and would be discontinued.

    But then began the constant inundation in our email boxes of announcements about events celebrating LGBT life styles. There was at least one announcement per week and all employees were encouraged to participate, even if they were straight. I do not remember the Clinton years fondly. We had a little bit of a respite under President Bush (43), but sadly much of the LGBT agenda survived into his presidency.

    Fortunately, I was able to retire a few months into the Obama Administration because of ill health. But I continue to watch as both the pro-Abortion agenda and the LGBT agenda dominate more and more of our civil discussion with more and more approval. The media has engaged in a concerted de-sensitization program to get our people to this place. So, while I am sickened by what is happening now, I cannot say I am surprised. I pray daily for a return to Biblical values, beginning in the church and synagogue so the Christians and Jews can become salt and light to the larger society, so that we can reach out in love to both the pro-abortion and the LGBT community and begin to lead them back to paths of holiness.

    The performance of the Democratic women at the state of the Union actually gives me hope in an indirect way. They showed the self-centeredness of the left wing mindset so that anyone watching can no longer claim ignorance. If ever there was a wake-up call from the Most High, that was it. It is now up to us to respond appropriately. Blessings and shalom.

    1. Joyce, I’m sorry you were in ill health but I can imagine how glad you were to get out of a work world gone crazy.

  17. Those women were arrogant and self centered? And Mr. “I just grab them by the pussy” isn’t??? Typical double standard. I know this won’t be published but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I followed you two because I enjoy the way you explain the Bible. But since I’m a queer Democrat with opinions, I guess I should just unfollow. Way to spread the word. I truly wish yous stuck to preaching religion but whatever. It’s a free country.

    1. Sandy, of course you will get published. You were not vulgar, even though the quote is. I have no problem with polite opposition. I don’t know in what vein you are using the word queer – that is another word whose meaning has been changed, but it is irrelevant to your point. I agree that Donald Trump’s comment was vulgar. I have never excused his language so I don’t know what double standard you are alluding to.
      My husband and I see politics as the practical application of one’s moral values. My Bible is against killing babies and in favor of private property. It doesn’t support any political parties but, as things stand today, it lines up more with Republican than Democrat values. It does oppose vulgarity and if had there been a winnable choice of someone with the right values who also had always spoken and acted well regarding women, I would have supported him. However, that wasn’t one of the choices.
      I agreed with about 95% of what the President said in the SOTU speech and the positions he outlines. I was embarrassed by the Congresswomen’s unprofessional behavior and am horrified at many of their positions. That is where I’m coming from and I accept that you have different views.

  18. James A. (Jim) Daire

    Thank you, Susan, for your bold and well-reasoned position statement. I agree with you whole-heartedly.
    And I’m an older, white, Christian guy. Funny: I didn’t have anything to say about my ethnicity, when or where I was born — or to whom. But I do have something to say about the positions I take, the attitude and actions I show to others, and the God I serve. I’m so aware that God will hold each one of us accountable for what we do with our lives. I just want to be welcome in His courts. That requires I love my enemies, pray for them and strive to do good to them. That’s a tall order in today’s super-charged political climate. I really struggle with that. Like you and Rabbi Daniel, I try to “speak the truth in love” and let the chips fall where they may. May God bless you both!

    1. The increased focus on one’s bloodlines has to be one of the weirdest and most ironic outcomes of our times, James.

  19. You are amazing and so correct. January the women in white at the State of the Union Address are such an embarrassment. I don’t know how anyone could have voted for them. I was pleased to hear that the CBS poll showed that those who watch the State of the Union approved of it by a wide majority. The Democrats performed very poorly. And their expressions showed their despain.

    1. Cheri, Maxine Waters was encouraging people not to watch. And I’m sure many didn’t and would rather be spoon-fed the lines they should parrot. But, yes, those who did watch saw quite a show.

  20. These new “little girls” in Congress, sure don’t represent me either. They are Godless socialists, as well as antisemitic, products of our so-called, public educational system in America. God bless America and Israel!

  21. God often chooses morally deficient individuals to do His work – as in King David who sent a woman’s husband off to war so he could have her. Nothing Donald Trump has done could top that.

    1. For the record, while ancient Jewish wisdom doesn’t whitewash the sins of Biblical figures, the story of King David and Bathsheba, while one that caused the king endless trouble for wrong behavior, isn’t as clear as it reads on the surface.

        1. K A, we try not to do time-sensitive shows on TCT unless they are tied, for example, to Thanksgiving and then they rerun them only at that time of year. What do you see as the underlying principle that we can discuss?

          1. Hi Susan. I think K A refers to that story of King David and Bathsheba that “isn’t as clear as it reads on the surface”. I would like to see that clarification as well. Now that you bring up the topic, I think K A and I aren’t the only ones that would like the topic to be clarified.

          2. David, I will pass that idea on to my husband and see if we can touch on it in a Thought Tool or TV show. There is no question that King David did wrong, but exactly what the wrong is isn’t quite how it looks.

          3. Thanks David for clarifying my question, that’s exactly what I meant!

            And thank you Susan for your reply, I’ll be on the look out for either the article or the show!

  22. Ms. Susan, I ain’t no woman but these dowagers of hypocrisy don’t represent me, EITHER. I am quite sure that Andrew Jackson, founder of that God-forsaken party, must be spinning in his grave over what they have become; blasphemers is too kind a word. They are deniers of God and the entire Judaeo-Christian ethic that molded this country. They want to replace God with the juggernaut of wanton, soulless Big Government that will grind our bones to mush. Such organizations have policies, procedures, hierarchies, pecking orders and power plays. But they have no brains, no hearts, and scant principles. In nullifying our sacred Constitution with its God-given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness they would betray us into the hands of a new all-powerful Pharaoh like Joseph Stalin. I would be ashamed to be a Democrat. Radical Saul Alinsky rules the roost. Above all else they crave POWER, yet when they receive it they have no earthly idea how to wield it and then we all will suffer. When their sacred policies fail utterly, they will seek scapegoats. They will seek in vain for the guilty, punish the innocent, install fear as our master, and reduce the standard of living and the quality of life for all of us.

    1. James, you are correct about Jackson. If you have an opportunity to visit his home, The Hermitage, in Nashville note the dedication on his tomb. The accomplishment he lists first is as head of the Masons in TN. President of the United States is listed last.

  23. I agree with you Susan. The ladies in white had arrogant(?) looks on their faces until womens triumphs were mentioned. No respect for our President and leader of OUR country. Thank you.

    1. Personally, white isn’t a color I often wear. But I’m not going to watch it be taken away from my by assigning a meaning to it.

        1. Carolyn, as you see here, not everyone agrees but I’m glad to hear that you saw things the same way I did.

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