Why Do I Write Thought Tools?

No country has been more hospitable to its Jewish population than the United States of America.  It is hard to think of another nation in which a Jewish community has enjoyed a longer period of tranquillity and affluence. 

For two thousand years, in different countries, at different times, the wandering Jew found a resting place for his weary feet.  Some of these resting places were more hospitable than others, many were downright painful, but they were the temporary abode that God had arranged for His people.  However, after two world wars finally left America as the mightiest economic and military power in the world, her Jewish community achieved maturity and emerged as the healthiest and wealthiest of all Jewish communities.  The hospitality that Jews have enjoyed in America is unparalleled in recent times and perhaps even in all time.

One explanation often advanced to account for the hospitality enjoyed by America’s Jews has been the size of the American Jewish community along with its economic and political influence.  In other words, America has been good to her Jews because Jewish power has allowed her little alternative.  In addition to demonstrating breathtaking ingratitude, this argument is as wrong-headed as claiming that turning on street lights causes the sun to set.  Even a moment’s humble reflection reveals that American Jews have achieved affluence and political prominence precisely because of the security and tranquillity they have enjoyed here for so many years.

A valuable clue in the search for an explanation of America’s fondness for Jews and Israel is that it comes most often from precisely those politicians who do not preside over major centers of Jewish culture.  For example, it is hard to make the case that Congressman Louis Gohmert supports Israel in order to placate the large number of Jewish voters in Texas.   If America’s support for Israel were based entirely on political expediency, that support would originate from the State Department.  It does not.  Instead, it springs from the heartland of America as a reflection of the deep commitment to Judeo-Christian values felt by so many Americans.   Clearly something more profound lies behind several hundred years of affinity and friendship between America and its Jews.  The question is, what?

The real answer is that in the history of the world, only two nations were founded on an idea rather than on land. The founders of America, the Pilgrims, were called “separatists.”  Similarly, the early Jews, Abraham and his family, were called “Ivrim”—Hebrews, or in English—”separatists,” those who have crossed over to a new side.

Benjamin Franklin once proposed that the Great Seal of the United States should depict the Israelites crossing the Red Sea on their way to the Promised Land.  William Bradford, the second governor of the Plymouth Colony was a fluent scholar of Hebrew and studied the Old Testament in its original.  Several founders proposed Hebrew as an official language of the United States and a commencement speech at Harvard University was commonly delivered in Hebrew well into the twentieth century.

The intrinsic similarity between these two great nations was not lost on the early Americans.  Neither is it lost on their descendants, so many of whom still share a devotion to the Judeo-Christian principles that fueled our earliest visions.

The graciousness extended by most Americans towards their Jewish friends is not the result of having been intimidated by those friends into a mood of sullen acceptance.  It is a wholehearted belief in one sentiment best expressed by the Scriptural words, “and I will bless those that bless you and those that curse you, will I curse.” (Genesis 12:3)  Many Americans still revere those words as they do God Almighty who spoke them.  American Jews have always been the beneficiaries of that sentiment.  The joyous serenity of living as an American Jew is safe only for as long as most Americans continue to subscribe to that Biblical sentiment. 

We are embarrassed and unhappy that so many of the implacable foes of the president, who have been plotting his downfall since his inauguration, are Jews. Nadler, Schiff and Schumer are only 3 of the 34 Jews in Congress all but 2 of whom oppose the most pro-Israel and possibly the most philo-Semitic president in the past 70 years.  As part of their political impeachment ploy, they recently brought four constitutional scholars to explain the legalities that they claim justify the impeachment of President Trump.  Three of these four lawyers are Jewish.  In fact, it is amazing to note that although Jews constitute less than 2% of America’s population, 6% of the United States Congress is Jewish. (Sadly, all but 2 are Democrats).  This amazing acceptance of Jews is not found in any other country than America and Israel.

We are embarrassed and unhappy that the political, economic, and social ideas of so many American Jews are shaped by the nihilistic values of secular fundamentalism and not by the Bible.  In fact, a greater proportion of all Americans, both Jewish and not, is Biblically illiterate than at any earlier time in our history.  The future for America, Israel, and all freedom-loving peoples is bleak unless we succeed in replacing secularism with Judeo-Christian Bible-based values as the culture’s dominant sculptor of popular outlook. The organization that I serve, the American Alliance of Jews and Christians  strives to restore, not Biblical laws, but Biblical values to the hearts and minds of all.

Here is the paradox.  It is tragically true that many American Jews have replaced the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with the gods of secular socialism.  It is also undeniable that these Americans of Jewish ancestry have exerted a baleful influence on our culture and politics.  Jewish rebellion against God is an old story—one only need read the book of Judges as an example. However, it is equally obvious that without the contributions of countless American Jews to the tapestry of American life—since its founding—we would all be the poorer and the nation would have flourished less.  The urgent task confronting us is to diminish the seduction of secular fundamentalism and turn more hearts and minds to those Biblical values that nurture civilization. Both Jews and Christians who believe in God need to step up and forcefully defend their views. 

At this time of the year, we particularly appreciate whatever support your heart calls upon you to offer.  The American Alliance of Jews and Christians works to diminish the powerful influence that secularism and its advocates exerts on civilization.  We help build counterweights in the form of educating effective people willing to speak out. 

This work and more, will continue in 2020 as we see enthusiasm for our efforts grow. With your help this can be done. The programmed activities planned for 2020  require a budget of $700,000.

I greatly appreciate the support you have offered in the past and I humbly enlist your support for what lies ahead. Any amount that your heart and prayers lead you to devote to this work will be a sacred element of our efforts and I thank you.

Whatever support you can give to our work will be very much appreciated. American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization (EIN 26-07642520). We have several different ways that you can make your tax-deductible donation:

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May God bless you and protect you and may we all be privileged to do our part in protecting the legacy He entrusted to humanity on Mount Sinai over three thousand years ago.

Thank you for helping make my life work possible,

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

23 thoughts on “Why Do I Write Thought Tools?”

  1. My dear Rabbi & Susan you are a Light in Darkness. We delight in your TCT program and earnestly pray for you & yours each day.

  2. Perhaps it will take persecution to fulfill the prophecies that in the days before Messiah comes God will bring the Jewish people back to their land. They won’t leave if they are secular and comfortable where they are.

    1. Brenda, that isn’t a universal theology and it there has been plenty of persecution in Jewish history, yet the Messiah isn’t here yet. I know you don’t mean it in any negative way (encouraging persecution) and would be horrified to think anyone might think that is what you are saying, but please do know that it is easy to misconstrue what you wrote. In Jewish belief, the ingathering of the exiles is a result of the Messiah’s arrival, not the cause of it. Certainly, the modern gathering taking place in Israel of Jews from around the world is a blessing and miraculous, but no one with evil intentions needs rationalization for his actions. Historically, nations that expel or chase away their Jews do terribly, so that would be a pretty bad deal for the United States as well.

    2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Brenda–
      Nobody need pray for persecution–of anyone! There is more than enough pain and suffering that we mortals bring upon ourselves without asking God for any more! Judaism speaks more about Jews returning to the Land after the Messianic arrival than before. And one more thing, Brenda, many of our friends, as Susan Lapin and I have written about this here on this website, from very comfortable and affluent circumstances in Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York have indeed left their comfort for smaller homes and more challenging lives in Israel, though you’re 100% right, none of them we know were secular. That is the problem.

  3. I believe that God has blessed our land because of the way that this country has blessed the Jewish people (us). That’s what God promised Abraham.

  4. Kristofa Okenta.......Nigeria

    Following you has made me more knowledgeable in the issues of Isreal.
    Thank you for your efforts to bring this info to us.

  5. I love you two, Daniel & Susan, but I’m afraid our president is clearly not a man of God, Christian, Jewish or otherwise. I think he’s only tolerant because his daughter married a Jew, but he hasn’t a CLUE what’s going on. We can always pray for him, but he’s got alot of maturing he needs to do. I voted for him, but dont think I can in 2020.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Friend, (B. Rankey)
      Are you a man of God? Am I? I think that it is very high bar and one not necessary for a man to still achieve much good and bring much blessing to his friends, family, and country. You should probably know that both the president (and his late dad, Fred Trump) were huge lovers and supporters of Israel and was very popular with his many Jewish friends, long long before Ivanka ever met let alone married Jared.
      He hasn’t a CLUE what’s going on? Really? That’s am amazing indictment of the first president in living memory who is methodically keeping all his campaign promises. Without unleashing riots on Muslim streets as his detractors predicted.
      We live in a wonderful country where you and I can vote differently (just which one of those Dem contenders would you regard as a ‘man of God’ who actually does have a CLUE and for whom you’d vote in 2020 over Donald Trump?) and still be friends.
      What would indicate to you that he has done his ‘maturing’?
      Good luck to you.

        1. Debra, thank you for taking the time to write – and to donate to the AAJC. (I hope you can listen to Perils of Profanity to see why it’s a bad idea to refer to yourself in a derogatory way.)

  6. Dear Rabbi Lapin,
    You are my Rabbi. When I stray off the path, your teachings are a lamp to show me the way back. I pray that G’d continues to bless you so long as you remain true to his immutable laws.


  7. My Rabbi & lovely wife Susan, May God bless you both. You’re teaching’s have been so valuable to my wife and I for the past two years and we will be happy to support the American Alliance of Jews and Christians both with our prayers and money. We routinely share your teachings Via your Podcast, books, and CDs with our employees, friends and family, and will continue to do so. May God help you both with your very valuable work. Bob & Melanie Bates

  8. I absolutely enjoy your and Susan comments and your show. Your program has opened up an aspect of the Bible that reveals something more than just a mere phrase or thought. Many Thanks I have purchased several of you books and enjoy them tremendously.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Annette–
      We appreciate your friendship and support. So happy to know you’re following our teachings.
      Have a joyful and uplifting Christmas

  9. I love what you wrote…
    “May God bless you and protect you and may we all be privileged to do our part in protecting the legacy He entrusted to humanity on Mount Sinai over three thousand years ago.”
    Wow! What an awesome responsibility!

  10. I’m Swedish American Christian and have always loved the Jewish people…jesus was a Jew, Abraham was a Jew. All of my biblical hero’s were Jews. God has blessed the Jewish people to show the rest of us the path..the right way. A light unto the nation’s. I will always support the Jewish people..because the Lord wants me to.

    1. Thank you, Susan, and all of you who keep us in your prayers and stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

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