Why America Should Ignore Assad & Syria

April 6th, 2017 Posted by On Our Mind 10 comments

…and the other fifty vicious dictators killing their citizens in fifty different countries in South America, Africa and Asia. It is undeniably tragic and unbearably sad to see the victims, particularly when they are children as they often are.
But if it is the United States government’s responsiblity to tax us to whatever extent necessary in order to underwrite the project of ending suffering around the world, why stop with killings? There are people suffering and dying from disease and hunger in those same fifty countries and another fifty besides.
Compassion is a beautiful emotion and entirely appropriate for you and me. But it is a terrible policy for guiding the actions of government. If you want to raise money to help suffering human beings, more power to you. Contact me for a small donation. But for government, with its power to tax, compassion is a bottomless pit that will ultimately impoverish Americans and still leave them frustrated at the endless suffering around the world. As for removing Assad and replacing him with the city council of Wichita, Kansas, culture counts. George W Bush learnt the futility of spending American blood and money to try bring American style government to barbaric regions that lacked the many years of western tradition. Some matters really are none of our business. What is more, the problem that impacts not only America but individuals like you and me is that when we busy ourselves with big and ultimately futile projects, we neglect the many things we could be doing and really should be doing. Am I right?


Rita says:

Totally agree! We don’t have the military strength right now anyway.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

Additionally, Rita-
It is so disturbing to see fully grown adult men making critically important decisions on the basis of their emotional reactions to pictures of dead people. For a private human being to react emotionally to tragedy is appropriate but a leader whose decisions will impact many of the people who elected him and to whom he is responsible has no right to indulge his feelings in the same way.

Denise P says:

So true, Rabbi. We need to focus on the issues/people God put us in authority over. Otherwise, we neglect those who are our responsibility. That goes equally for our gov’t and for us personally. As painful as it may be to see the suffering of those not put under our authority…

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

Additionally, Denise,
we put American lives at risk…for what possible purpose? What did the four thousand American lives lost in Iraq achieve?
Sadly but

Tom says:

But if Obama had implemented a no fly zone in northern Syria, it would have prevented the mass migration to the West that is now being felt both in financial terms and security

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

Dear Tom–
on this topic in depth, please hear my podcast which The Blaze will upload on this Saturday here: https://soundcloud.com/rabbi-daniel-lapin-show
Obama did the worst thing any president or any parent can do. Threaten and not follow through.
America is under no moral or legal obligation to accept immigrants from Syria, Sweden, or Sri-Lanka. Or anywhere else.

Larry says:

First let me thank you for your teachings. I record your and Susan’s show on TCT. As a friend of mine says it is all about the story. The more heart wrenching the story the more likely you are to take action, or agree with them when they do. Emotions are being used every day to attempt to influence behavior. From children who are food insure, pets that need to be adopted from shelter, to the fact people won’t like you if your teeth are white enough.
I live in a state where every cause deserves to be answered with new law and a new tax to pay for the new group of people to first study the cause then determine how much they need to fix the problem.
We have too many wars going on both here and abroad. The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on everything else.
Again thanks for your teachings.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

Thank you Larry–
Happy you’re enjoying our Ancient Jewish wisdom TV show http://www.tct.tv/watch-tct/on-demand-ajw

Very well said as is your usual practice. Additionally, it is almost always impossible to know who was truly responsible for such actions in civil wars in uncivilized lands. In the world of geopolitics, a superficial analysis seldom yields the truth. Our President seems to be a person who values action far more than analysis and doesn’t often recognize which comes first. It was true in the failed race to “fix” Obamacare. And it appears it will be the case also in foreign policy. I vote for you to replace Steve Bannon on his National Security Council. Far more rational than the brethren in Witchita heading for Damascus although they would certainly do better than Assad. Plus, our president, for whom I had high hopes, needs ancient Jewish wisdom far more than modern Neocon warmongering. I miss you friend. Blessings.

Faber McMullen says:

At some point those who have the power to stop madness must do so even if it costs them something. I do not know if this is the time for such action in Syria or not. I am somewhat of a pacifist as I feel most wars are motivated by greed, desire for power, etc. However, thousands of American soldiers lost their lives on the shores and streets of Europe stopping the war machine that created the Holocaust. If America had not answered the call how many Jews would have been left alive? It’s something to think about and something to discuss. Your respectful student, F McMullen – Navasota, Texas

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