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For the most part, I haven’t paid attention to the expanding selection of stories about AI – artificial intelligence. I’m more interested in honing my own brain and finding friends with whom I can have intelligent discussions.

However, three of the men in our family follow technological news attentively. (Yes, women can enjoy technology, but what I’m about to relay did all come from males and I see no need to avoid the truth in order to fit a narrative.) They shared the results from a program that is in Beta testing stage. What they discovered was quite phenomenal. Using this software, you could ask your computer to write a letter, or an essay, or a research paper and it would do an amazingly competent job.

Here is the kicker. If it did not like the slant you wanted to take on a topic, it told you that there is no information supporting that view. Do you think the 2020 election was stolen? You are mistaken. Do you object to homosexual marriage? There are no reasonable arguments to make. You simply are wrong.

Do you remember when debate was an art where one learned to argue both sides of an issue? This is another step in making that notion antiquated. My savvy males did find ways to get around the ban, but what we are seeing is one more technology that will be used for propaganda rather than enlightenment.

AI raises many questions. Will students write their own papers or will their computers dictate them? Did your friend take the time to express her condolences or did she push a button? The possible negative consequences are many. However, my biggest takeaway right now is that AI will serve to deceive people leading to a more ignorant, self-righteous and foolish citizenry. Fortunately, I have included enough objectionable material in this Musing that you know that I wrote it myself.

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