Who Speaks for the Jews?

The simple answer is, “No one.” It has been many years since there was one spokesman like Moses. Even King David had a counterpart in the prophet Nathan. So, while I am aware that columnists do not get to pick the titles of their pieces in newspapers, the heading of William Galston’s piece in the Wall Street Journal of Oct. 31, irked me.

The headline proclaimed, “Jews Are Proud to Stand with Refugees,” and Mr. Galston extols HIAS – the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society – founded in 1881. HIAS indeed has done admirable work in its more than a century of existence. What Mr. Galston failed to point out is that HIAS used to be a case of the Jewish community, not the government, supporting Jewish refugees. If it urged the government to allow more refugees to enter, it encouraged legal channels. I am not familiar with HIAS today, but most likely they, like so many once worthy Jewish organization, have instead become mediums for far Left politics.

I don’t draw any commonality between the honorable work HIAS has done in the past and its new focus. Obviously, being upset with HIAS, as murderer Robert Bowers was, doesn’t entitle one to enter a synagogue and start shooting. HIAS and any Jews who support it, have a voice in our open society. So do the many Jews who see the flouting of American law and the invasion by hordes of people illegally crossing the border as a threat to both the United States and safe Jewish survival here.

Neither group speaks for the non-existent “the Jews”. Only our enemies see as as one indivisible group, united as they are in wanting our death whether we are Democrats or Republicans, political conservatives or political liberals, religious or secular.  I assume that Mr. Galston is embarrassed by the title given to his piece. He speaks only for himself and those who agree with him, not for an entire people.

6 thoughts on “Who Speaks for the Jews?”

  1. Dear rabbi, I respect you because you don’t mind to open up so many difficult topics, which we don’t see on the mainstream channels. Not even on so called ‘conservatives’.

    So I’m glad you’re aware how bad were many Jews in Weimar Republic after the ww1. And because of their subversion and promotion of large pleiad of degeneration was hurt who? Unfortunately many decent Orthodox Jews who were completely innocent.

    So what do you mean that will happen in the near future in U.S., where you know better than me, that here live many more corrupt secular Jews… And they ironically think they’ll be better off surrounded by secularized descendents of ex-Christians instead of practising Christians. Meanwhile, as I said, they act much worse, in much aggressive way and in much higher number then the Weimar Republic Jews. What do they expecting to achieve rabbi, something triumphantly? Well, if those two engagements (continuation of secularization of the U.S.&West and continuation of their subversive immoral activities) I’m afraid that Holocaust will be just a picnic what will fall upon your folks. They playing with fire and digging their hole.

    And without a healthy Christian ‘anti-semitism’ which has it’s dogmas but is open for mercy, forgiveness, love, collaboration and peaceful coexistence, we may see once again the face of real anti-semitism. With it’s violence, hate and massacre.

    I sense you’re aware of all that and you’re trying to help Christians to heal our civilization and the world. You love your people, but you also love God and His commandments. I pray that your valuable work lay upon a fertile ground. Good luck and God bless you!

  2. Susan, I love that you highlighted the fact that HIAS was private and not governmental. It irks me that compassion in religion is used by the pro-socialist crowd as evidence that God prefers socialism. Jesus helping the poor is of course the best example I can give as a Christian. These people never seem to think of the fact that his and his followers’ charitable doings were done privately and not under governmental compulsion.

    1. Elizabeth, I completely agree. Catholic Charities did the same for Catholics as HIAS did for the Jews.And families and people from the same town and others did the heavy lifting. My uncles remember coming home to find new immigrants in their beds – the government didn’t help them, but individuals like my grandparents who had come a few years earlier welcomed them and helped them get on their feet. And my grandparents weren’t well off. They literally gave the food from their mouths.

  3. Clickbait (or readbait) is the word that comes to mind when sensationalized headlines are chosen for articles. Certainly, many journalists are guilty of wanting to shape the outcome of elections, “news” and culture by telling tall tales. Journalistic dishonesty is also a threat to America. Every day crime happens in this country and abroad. Many crimes that are reported in the mainstream media end up leading to more crime and they’re often being celebrated by large numbers of people who are in lock-step agreement with the reporter(s) or the publisher(s).

  4. the humanistic and progressive political activist US “rabbis” demand the politicans to speak out and condemn white supremacy. I am waiting for these same “rabbis” to speak out and condemn Christophobia. Am i waiting in vain?

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