When Reality Mimics a Musing

In my February 14, 2019 Susan’s Musing, I reflected on the TV show Hogan’s Heroes as a way of thinking about how to view the pictures of VA Governor Northam and the pictures of him that surfaced from his medical school yearbook. My conclusion was that it is dangerous and stokes the fires of hatred to look at everything through the eyes of “ism,”  be it racism, anti-Semitism or any other type. Many of you commented and a lively discussion ensued.

A few days ago, one of the trustees of and major donors to Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania resigned because a picture surfaced of him as a college sophomore wearing a swastika armband at a Hogan’s Heroes-themed party.

Chalk up one more victory for intolerance.


2 thoughts on “When Reality Mimics a Musing”

  1. Young people should not be held accountable for the foolish things they did when young. I feel at 73 I am aging, slowly and can remember some of the inane things I did as a teenager. I am fortunate that no one seemed to mind at that time. I have been successful in business and am Thankful for my good health and loving wife.

    1. Paul, all of us would be hard-pressed to find nothing embarrassing and foolish, if not wrong, that we did when we were younger.

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