What Is This Page?

On my husband’s live chat podcast a while back, one listener asked for homeschool resources. My husband suggested that he ask me by writing in an Ask the Rabbi question on the topic, which he (and others) did.

Rather than list resources in an Ask the Rabbi answer, I thought I might try something different. I plan to write one or more short pieces each week and post them in this “Practical Parenting” column. While I am going to start by discussing some homeschooling ideas and resources, I hope to expand beyond that. 

Along the way, I will look through past Musings that had to do with children and add them to this page. 

Please let me know what you think of this new page and how it can best serve you. You can reach me via admin@rabbidaniellapin.com.



6 thoughts on “What Is This Page?”

  1. Mrs. Lapin,

    I hope my comment can convey my gratitude and excitement over your announcement of your Practical Parenting section. In years and months passed, I have gone on a treasure hunt, searching through your past musings for your parenting pearls of wisdom. I am a 26 year old mother of two daughters, ages 5.5 and 2, who stays home raising them; this new section will be a huge blessing to me and many others. May I encourage you, as you wrote in a comment, to share your book recommendations and possibly a booklist related to age and gender? You have a listener/reader with an ear always open to book mentions and I have a daughter who is voraciously reading chapter books.

    Thank you for beginning Practical Parenting, Susan.

    With delighted anticipation,
    Paige Fritsche

  2. You asked for comments on your new Practical Parenting Blog, but first I should tell you that I am a 68 year old woman who never married and has no children or grandchildren. I have volunteered in many children’s ministries and have a lot of teaching experience. The title is great. I have no patience with theory. I have watched 3 year-olds prove 30,000 educators wrong. The posts that are there at the moment are great because they make us laugh. We laugh because you tell your story of trials and tribulations in a way we can relate to. We’ve been there and we are glad to have our experience validated and our failures understood. We also get good tips for doing better next time. Since I am not home schooling I am not the best person to comment, however, I am going to do it anyway. I would have a separate link under Practical Parenting named Home School Resources. This would include links to organizations (Texas has some good ones) as well as specific curriculum, books, games, toys etc. you have found helpful. In the blog I would focus on what worked or did not work and why. I would tell the story of the serendipity things that happened and how you took advantage of the opportunities or failed to take advantage of the opportunities. That’s all for now. I am grateful for your writing. It usually uplifts my spirits and the more serious ones make me think. I appreciate both! Gerry Vander-Lyn

    1. Thank you for such useful suggestions, Gerry. I am out-of-date on current homeschooling resources, but I did want to write about the concepts behind the types of things I chose or found useful – or not useful.

  3. Susan Gilliland

    Love this! Sending link to my grandkids mothers.! Sorry about your flooding and loss of books. I know it is sad for y’all. I do notice you are able to post pics of grandchildren here! Yes! Rabbi, we do want to see them😁

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