What Do Strong & Independent Women Really Look Like?

Parents are constantly advised to raise strong and independent daughters. Schools, and then college stress that girls must be strong and independent. Women entering the workplace are told to be strong and independent. The big problem is that most women want to be in a happy marriage. (Most men do as well but in most cases men with advanced cases of prolonged adolescence don’t realize it until close to the expiration date) Here’s the problem: not only do most women want to be in happy marriages but they strongly prefer to marry men who are stronger and more independent than they are….and the stronger and more independent a woman becomes, the fewer available men who are stronger and more independent exist in their marriageable demographic. So, after a long and fruitless search, many women end up marrying a man less strong and less independent than they are. And these marriages have a horrendous failure rate. ( I explain why in my soon to be released book on money and marriage). So the big question: Is it really good for parents to strive to raise strong and independent daughters and is it good for women to strive to become that? Or is there a better way? Could strong and independent actually be a good thing if we knew what it really means? More in my newest podcast you can hear for free here: https://soundcloud.com/rabbi-daniel-lapin-show

6 thoughts on “What Do Strong & Independent Women Really Look Like?”

  1. Rochelle Goodwin

    I love your shows on TCT when I can get it. I do emails & tweet some, but not very technical so I’ve not done podcast. I feel I am missing out! What can I do?

    1. Rochelle, I’m not sure if “What can I do?” is a question or a throwing hands up in the air statement. But if you can get to the library someone there can show you how to access the podcast. If you have a computer, it’s as simple as clicking the link in the email.

  2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Funny, George–
    but I appreciate the encouragement, I really do. It is going to be a very useful book especially for the cultural epoch we’re living through now. Wikileaks tells everyone things they shouldn’t necessarily know (though I am not sure about that) while my new book tells everyone things they should absolutely know!

  3. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Hello Hannah–
    You and me too! I am not supposed to talk about the new book yet, but I do, not to tantalize you but to keep me focused, motivated, and on track.
    Thanks for your encouragement

  4. I can’t wait until your book comes out! I keep hearing about it in your podcasts and I expect I will be one of the first to snatch it off the shelves when it is finally published….

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