Wells Fargo vs. Hillary

I watched the video of Elizabeth Warren excoriating John Stumpf of Wells Fargo. I’m not saying that he is blameless or behaved nobly. However, there is supposed to be equal justice under the law. I would care more about her toughness to him if she would show the same toughness to politicians who are neither blameless nor noble – say Hillary Clinton. As an individual I can (and a few years ago did) take my money away from Wells Fargo. As an individual I was not able to remove Clinton as Secretary of State. Who should be held to a higher standard?

2 thoughts on “Wells Fargo vs. Hillary”

  1. It’s all just politics. Those in “power” will do whatever they need to, to woo the masses to what they want us to believe. To them we are incapable of thinking reasonably or for ourselves. I am just as troubled this week by Rience Pribus saying that if you want to run in the future you MUST endorse Trump. Ridiculous! Are we not allowed any longer to think for ourselves and have our own diverse opinions? Why do they want us all to be cookie cutter images of what they think is best? This is now politics in America and I think I’ve had enough. Meanwhile, Charolotte, NC is the latest in this racial war that is mostly ginned up by politicians and race baiter who have an agenda and racial unrest is nothing more than a tool for them to use to achieve their ends. The polarization is being used to keep America in chaos instead of bringing people together. Politicians love it. It makes their job much easier.

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