Well Done, Mr. Trump

The so-called Paris accord is nothing but a poorly concealed attempt to confiscate money from the pockets of hard working Americans for distribution to corrupt kleptocracies in the ‘Developing World’. Note that the only reason so many “Developing Countries” signed up was promises of American cash. America was intended to be one of the biggest funders. Before he left office, Obama managed to supply a third of the $3bn that America had promised to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, set up in 2010 as part of an international pledge to transfer $100bn of climate cash a year from “rich countries” (that means the good old US of A) to poor ones by 2020. Note also that the terms “Developing Countries” and “Poor Countries” are just euphemisms for rotten socialistic hell-holes that refuse to adopt western style government and western societal norms because doing so would inhibit the rampant theft and degenerate lifestyles of their leaders. How wonderfully refreshing to have a president who resists this primitive blackmail. Well done, Mr. Trump!

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  1. Annette Martin

    Thanks, Rabbi, well said, and you certainly did not mince words. Good for you! That is quite refreshing. I loved to listen to you on Glenn Beck’s show and have always admired your wisdom..Annette Martin

  2. Yes my Rabbi! So well said. As the courageous spokesman for the (heretofore) forgotten man and woman American citizen, our heroic President Trump has effectively declared #Amerexit from the global UN “community”. Mr. Trump, (along with his fine hand-selected team of patriots) has severed the lines that the LillipUNtians have stealthfully and strategically used to restrain the U.S. giant.

    The largest single voting bloc, by the way, with the UN “global community” is the 57 nation OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), who would love nothing more than to see America’s ability to project military force permanently weakened. No wonder the Left is so beside itself over Trump’s #Amerexit — because they know that America has just broken free to do what we do best — innovate, educate, accelerate, AND dominate the godly work of wealth creation.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Peter
      for all your help in getting me up to speed on this topic.

  3. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    I do realize that many people have bought into the idea that ‘saving the planet’ is the highest moral imperative. Who am I to contradict this? Nobody of any compelling authority of course but the interesting thing is that there is no one person with compelling authority. No intelligent person questions gravity, magnetism, or organic chemistry. But this issue is no settled science. And saying that 97% of scientists agree is both untrue and irrelevant. Science is not by democratic vote. To me, it is merely a case of ‘following the money’ and smelling the socialism. Watermelons is both the name of a good book and a valid description of these propagandists. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

    1. Thank you sometimes all these things just run together with all the other news reports. Thank you for loving America!

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