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  1. What does the Bible say about a woman and a quiet spirit ? I love your insights into the Old Testament and it upsets me when you are not allowed to speak or make a point.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Carol
      Thanks so much for writing. We aren’t sure whether you feel that I (RDL) aren’t allowed to speak or whether you feel that Susan Lapin isn’t allowed to speak but either way, we assure you that we both speak under quite unrestrained conditions. We occasionally interrupt one another but only as a result of our intense enthusiasm and high level of excitement at the material we teach.
      Warm wishes

  2. Greetings Rabbi and Susan Lapin, I thoroughly enjoy you and Susan’s godly wisdom that you give us real practical and sometimes unknown tidbits to us believers that are not of Jewish decent. Gods ancient language is so compelling and eye opening I simply cannot get enough of both of your insights and I feel privileged to see your programming on a regular weekly basis. It is true that everyone needs a Rabbi as to where else but to understand God than through his original language that he gave to his people he called out to share his truths with the rest of the world 🌎. Could not find a better program that departs to what is so dear to the ❤️ Heart of every believer. I personally love it and gets more time as I record every show. Riveting and a breath of fresh air to know technology can bring mysteries of the Ancient of Days in our homes which teach us how family is so important! Comforting and truth in every episode. Thank you both and will be writing in on some biblical questions for certain, keep giving us the precious never before heard Jewish way of life that you both represent so Fabulously. Such a lovely representation, intriguing and so very brilliantly designed stage and spiritual atmosphere, even your new stage setting seems like sitting in your living room. Appreciate all the insights you both bring to our lives daily!

  3. Thank you so much for being brave enough to go against the tide and saying what a tragedy it is that women no longer think it is important to nurture children and make a home for them. We have sown the wind and now reaping the whirlwind of feminist lies. Truth is so refreshing ! Carol

  4. Your show on TCT just started up about 2 months ago in my town. I find it very valuable. It helps us, especially gentile believers, understand the truth about the context of the scriptures that Jesus/Yeshua was coming from. After the influx of gentile believers in the early decades of the church, the Greek and Latin “church fathers” put a, basically, Greek philosophical “spin” on and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament as it was restructured and renamed by the church fathers. One of the commands of Jesus is to love God with our whole mind. We can’t love Him with our whole mind if we are thinking incorrectly, even if our misunderstandings are innocent. A simple example of an awareness your show shed on things was how the Hebrew bible was and is divided into segments rather than the chapter and verse divisions introduced by a gentile church leader, and thus the point it was meant we are to derive from it. I believe that is the scriptural context that Jesus himself was coming from when speaking and preaching back in his day. There is, it appears, at times an irrational fear that many gentile church leaders have towards “Jewish” church teachings. Perhaps they do not realize , or are willing to admit, the great extent that Greek philosophical thinking, especially in the New Testament, has crept into the Church. This Greek way of thinking influences our thoughts about God, which may actually prevent us from understanding Him and thus loving Him more accurately…according to what He tells us about Himself, and not what we impose on HIm ourselves.

    Thank you,


    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Esther–
      I will try to do so in an upcoming podcast.
      Thanks for the idea.

  5. As I thank God for allowing me to be able to watch your shows and read your words of wisdom . I must say I have to say to my cat forgive him he knows not what he says . I am one that feels God’s blessings through my cat . He teaches me to be a servant . Just thought to say this , because I love watching you guys and the learning I get . Thank you for your time .

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      I also really enjoy having animals around Lloyd,
      thanks for writing,

  6. I love watching your program on TCT and want to thank you for sharing your Jewish wisdom with us. I am learning so much from you and Susan, and especially enjoy the rich, deeper meanings of words in the Hebrew language. I have wanted to learn Hebrew for many years now and wondered if there is a website class you would recommend? May God continue to richly bless you and Susan and thanks again for blessing us with teaching our Lord’s Word!

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Lynn–
      At the moment, there is no course we recommend because we believe that it is a mistake to try and teach Hebrew as if it were just another language like Bulgarian, Italian, and Swahili. Instead, learning it as God’s communication system, recognizing that it has more in common with chemistry than with Polish makes it far easier and quicker to learn. We have been working for a while on an online system for this. Meanwhile, why not learn a few dozen key words through this, one of our favorite books? Click here to read more about Buried Treasure-Life Lessons from the Lord’s Language https://rabbidaniellapin.com/product/buried-treasure/

  7. Hello Rabbi and Susan,
    I watch your program often on TCT,,,enjoy your wisdom, your teachings. Tonight you spoke on Friends. Susan is such a blessing as she speaks, enjoyed her thoughts on 3 kinds of Friends. You two are a Blessed couple, work so well together, and compliment each others thoughts and wisdom.
    Dave in Indiana

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thanks so much David,
      We both appreciate your kind comment and we’re happy you enjoy watching.

  8. I love listening to your podcast each Saturday on the Blaze. You inspire me to study more closely the teachings of our Heavenly Father and our forefathers. Thank you for being my Rabbi.

  9. I love to listen to you every week! Thank you for all the religious and historical teachings.
    Jolene Trotter

  10. I love the historical explanations of the Jewish people. Also, it is so interesting when you explain Hebrew words & meanings.

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