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August 16th, 2016 Posted by On Our Mind 5 comments

We are so excited to welcome you to our newly updated site! We hope you enjoy our new look.

Keep your eye on this box, where we will jot down quick thoughts on what’s in the news and front and center in our thoughts.


Brenda Gannon says:

I love the historical explanations of the Jewish people. Also, it is so interesting when you explain Hebrew words & meanings.

Susan Lapin says:

We’re glad you visit our site, Brenda.

Jolene Trotter says:

I love to listen to you every week! Thank you for all the religious and historical teachings.
Jolene Trotter

Jolene Trotter says:

I love listening to your podcast each Saturday on the Blaze. You inspire me to study more closely the teachings of our Heavenly Father and our forefathers. Thank you for being my Rabbi.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

Thank you Jolene–
So good to hear from you

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