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The last time we welcomed as president someone who was not of the anointed political elite was 36 years ago when we watched Ronald Wilson Reagan take the oath of office. I am struck by three things about him that I think are as true for President Trump. (1) He may not have been elected were it not that he followed one of the worst presidents in living memory (2) He understood that many Americans had come to view the government and its vast army of unelected bureaucrats as the biggest threat to freedom and their way of life. (3) Recognizing the threat he posed to the unwholesome alliance of the DNC, unions, media and the professional intellectual class he was loathed, vilified and insulted personally before he even took office. Since March 2016 when I began supporting Mr Trump’s candidacy, I have felt that God-willing, President Trump and President Reagan might just might share another similarity–lifting America up out of its cultural, economic, and military malaise.

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  1. Welcome the Tea Party President.

    The movement began in late 2009 in reaction to Obama and the left.

    Step one – take back the House.
    2010 — achieved

    Step two – take back the Senate.

    2014 — achieved

    Step three – take back the White House.

    2016 — achieved

    Now it’s time to party like it’s 1773

  2. Hello Rabbi Lapin,

    I’m somewhat new to your website and audio content. You mention that Trump is following one of the worst President’s in history. Could you give some detail on what made Obama fit this distinction? I’m not pro or anti Obama, just wanting some understanding of what you feel made him a less than spectacular president.



    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Ben–
      thanks so much for exploring my work. Time will soon reveal whether we are a match and whether I bring anything of value into your life. Regarding the former administration, it is true that my opinion is that it was one of the top five most damaging presidencies to America in all of history. However, since that is obviously a matter of opinion, and since my work is focused on making accessible permanent principles applicable to all people with all opinions, I don’t want to use this space to amplify my political views. Not that I am reticent about them…I view politics as nothing more than the practical application of our most deeply held values. It is, for instance, in keeping with some people’s deeply held values to impose confiscatory rates of taxation upon hard working Americans in order to underwrite multi-generational dysfunction. It is some people’s values but it isn’t mine. My views on the former president as well as upon the current one are freely available on several of my podcasts over the past year https://soundcloud.com/rabbi-daniel-lapin-show But they aren’t nearly as important to me as the timeless truths I address most of the time. Thanks for writing,

  3. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Today, Dear Lynn,
    God may just be giving America a 2nd chance!
    Let’s pray.

  4. Mr. Trump was not my choice. I voted for him, but my vote was against Mrs. Clinton, not so much for him. Today, I’m overwhelmed with emotion. I will pray that President Trump will honor his oath to our Constitution, because that, along with God’s grace, is what allows us the liberty we cherish. May we pray daily for our leaders in DC, that they will hear God’s voice and listen!

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