Was Pres. Trump Wrong To Critique Judge Robart? It Depends…

We always opposed so-called Hate Crime Legislation enacted under President Clinton in 1994. Whether in favor or against, you’d have to agree that it allows the state to impose different penalties upon two people who committed the identical crime based entirely on what the government decided was in a citizen’s mind. It is usually only God who knows what is in a person’s heart and mind. We humans have the capacity to judge only one another’s actions.
The collapse of this principle has now brought us to this time when the same action condoned when perpetrated by a Democrat is roundly condemned when done by a Republican.
In his State of the Union address in January 2010, President Obama, in an unprecedented breach of decorum, harshly criticized and insulted the Supreme Court to the faces of the six justices sitting right in front of him. There was almost no press criticism of the president.
Recently President Trump issued a tweet critical of a Seattle District Judge who had just issued a ruling against him unlikely to stand. His 140 characters unleashed a firestorm of press protest.
We think that the only people entitled to condemn President Trump’s tweet are the few people who similarly condemned President Obama’s far worse finger in the eye of the entire Supreme Court in 2010.
Either the behavior of insulting the judiciary is wrong or it isn’t. The answer should not depend upon the political affiliation of the perpetrator.

2 thoughts on “Was Pres. Trump Wrong To Critique Judge Robart? It Depends…”

  1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Dear Will–
    A nation gets the leadership it deserves and Bill Clinton reflected the general coarsening of the culture of his time. As in physics and Newton’s laws indicate trends tend to keep doing what they’re doing in the absence of some powerful cultural force correcting them. Downward trends tend to keep descending.
    I speak at many synagogues and churches around the country each year and it would be a pleasure to put Grace Chapel TN on that list. On Appearances page of this site the church can put in a request
    Hope to see you there

  2. Amen. Amen. Amen.

    Lack of decorum in/from Oval Office traces back to the obvious
    events during Bill Clinton’s time. Seems the momentum of the
    downward trend only accelerated w/ Obama. Holding out hope
    that Trump might stem tide – but tweets don’t help.

    Have you ever visited Nashville?
    Wonder what it would take to persuade you to visit Grace Chapel
    in Leipers Fork, TN?

    Shalom –

    Will Steih

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