Vulgar, Lewd and Getting My Vote

If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I have a visceral, negative reaction to vulgarity. Guests to our home have been on the receiving end of a withering stare for saying something judged as ‘not refined,’ an anemic, weak distant relative of Donald Trump’s words. I expect my daughters to be treated with respect and I reject ‘locker room’ banter as immature and  boorish.

I’m also voting for Donald Trump. I have nothing to say to anyone voting for Hillary Clinton because of Trump’s leaked words. That is simply hypocritical. Not only does she possess her own potty mouth, she colluded with her husband to degrade the moral level of America.  On this issue, she and Trump are two sides of a coin.

The other option is one that many public Republican figures are taking—to leave the president option blank on their ballot. I admit to feeling a pull towards that choice. Donald Trump is not only vulgar, but he is also a braggart and possessor of other poor character traits that I despise. While I thought that his statement apologizing for his disgusting words was classy, I think it would be naive to assume he is actually a changed man. As a private individual, I can give him the benefit of the doubt, but I need to vote for him acknowledging that his repentance might be transient or even expedient rather than sincere.

Despite all of the above, I am planning to cast my ballot for Mr. Trump. Neither he nor Hillary is someone I want to be a role model for my children. I do not want to sit down to dinner with either of them. But there are plenty of other role models and dinner guests from whom I can choose. They are the only two choices for President of the United States.

Little boys used to be told never to hit a girl. It is still gentlemanly advice. However, if a Palestinian girl, raised from infancy to hate and kill, approaches the boys in my life with a knife, I hope they strike at and kill her if necessary. One doesn’t have to die in order to keep up one’s gentleman credentials. The early colonists fought in an ungentlemanly way, shooting from behind trees and fences rather than approaching the British as an open army. America was born. I am putting my “lady credentials” to the side in this election.

Where I differ from never-Trumpers is that I do not believe there will be another opportunity to fight. Already, after eight year of Obama the IRS, Justice Department and FBI work for their lords and masters rather than for the American people. The Supreme Court justice picks can cement America’s demise. I am not at all sure that Jefferson and Madison would not be urging a revolution at this point. If Trump’s election begins a bloodless revolution, I support that. Then I can pray and work to encourage a restoration of morality and ethics in this country. It is the only way forward that I see. There is not an option of supporting America with my ‘sacred honor,’ only a choice of sacrificing her to that honor, and that is a choice I reject.

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  1. When the 2 options look disappointing, don’t forget there is a third option. Libertarian party is on all 50 state ballots this year and will definitely take a portion of the votes. Before you say “Third Party will never win”, don’t forget that the only reason third part will never win is because people don’t vote for them, because everyone keeps saying “Third Party will never win”. Someday people might just get sick enough of the same old 2 party system that they’ll vote 3rd Party.

    1. I have voted third party in the past when I felt that my state was definitely going to decisively vote in one way no matter what I did. Here, I really feel that despite polling, every state is up for grabs and could surprise us all.

  2. Remember Winston Churchill? He was extremely obnoxious. But he was the right leader, at the right time, to save Britain from the Nazi regime. If they had maintained Chamberlain as Prime Minister, he would have surrendered after the first bombing raid. Just sayin’.

  3. You have articulated what my head and heart have been trying to get reconciled. My aching head and my heart broken heart. Thank you.

  4. After the announcement of the Trump/Pence ticket, the first campaign poster design was nixed because of its similarity to an ordinary, everyday, but much need by everyone, household product, commonly referred to as tp. However, in hindsight, this similarity might have been relevant and appropriate for such a time as this, with all the (I don’t know what word to put here in consideration of Rabbi’s recent posting about the word I was thinking of) that needs to be wiped up. This could very well be indicative of God’s on plan and intention, and why this issue has emerged, as needing to cleaned up first at home before going up to clean up the neighborhood is the ideal way to approach such problems.

  5. Franklin Graham said it best yesterday at his final stop in his 50-state Decision America Tour–we got where we are because Christians have failed to either vote or have failed to put aside their busyness or have feared offending someone to run for office. He challenged each crowd at each state capital this year to strongly consider running for some sort of office so that we can take back our country and keep the bad players out. I accepted the challenge and will be considering a position in my community, whether it’s alderman or school board or whatever the Lord may direct. The bottom line is that we need Godly men and women to step up to put an end to this ongoing madness in our country.

  6. While I can’t abide Trump’s words, I have to say I would prefer supporting a man who talks trash about women than a woman who has done trash to women. Hillary has been Bill’s foil for over 30 years and has a pattern of demeaning, disparaging and silencing those women she KNOWS were assaulted by her husband. She is the Karen Homolka of our day, on full display. As a partner and enabler, I see her as equally responsible for the sexual assaults and public humiliation garnered the likes of Paula Jones, Juanita Brodderick, et al as her husband. She’s less a “woman” than she is a gun moll.

  7. Dear Susan,
    Trump strikes me as a rough diamond but his message is crystal clear.If God wants him to win then he will win.

  8. Oh Susan, I agree with you. I was so firm on being Never Trump because he is just awful! I I will be voting against Hillary more than voting for Trump. The leaked emails have shown me that the corruption and collusion of her campaign, the DOJ, FBI, and the media is to much. We can not have a free country and have her as president. Religious Liberty, gun rights, etc need to be protected and they will be lost if she has her way. I am beginning to realize that it is entirely possible that we have been so played by her and the media. Do I believe in Trump’s innocence? No, but the timing of so much of this is just to convenient. I will vote for him but have also committed to diligently pray for whoever is elected. I wish more people who have been steadfast in their NeverTrump stance will realize that we must look ahead and try to diminish the downward spiral our nation is on. Your example of a finger in the dike is perfect. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I don’t believe in Trump being an upright, moral person, but on some of the accusations I actually do judge him as innocent until proven guilty. The Democrats have a history of throwing false charges (Boehner did it against Romney, Ted Stevens in Alaska lost because of it) at the last minute and then cackling when the person is proven innocent but lost an election. But even if he’s guilty – Hillary is guilty of destroying women too, in support of her husband. So this issue is a wash for me. As you say, Supreme Court, religious freedom, free speech – those are the issues I am worried about.

      1. It follow that if one intends to cause a system collapse that one would dismantle the very foundations of that system, i.e. the First and Second Amendments, as hat these amendments are the first and the second would indicate their rank of importance in the establishment of this great system.

      2. I’m not too keen on Boehner, but it was Harry Reid who blatantly lied about Romney not paying taxes, then recently crowed that it was one of the things he’s most proud of in his tenure in the government.

        Oh, and ditto to your initial post.

        1. One of the most foolish comment I see repeated is that if anyone other than Trump was running, Republicans would easily win. Do people really think the Democrats and Hillary would just have rolled over and given up? The Republican candidate would be awash in scandal whether made up like the Romney accusation or real.

  9. Susan,

    I respect your decision but disagree with you. There are more than two choices on the ballot. We should absolutely vote for a president with character traits we admire. I agree that our choices are awful this year, but we owe it to ourselves to take seriously the third party candidates available to us.


    1. Jason, I appreciate your polite disagreement, but since I don’t see any down-to-earth way a third party candidate will win, I think we have to vote with a Trump/Clinton choice in our mind. I do hear what you are saying, though.

  10. Well said… please come visit Grace Chapel in Leipers Fork, TN (Nashville).
    Pastor Steve Berger introduced Rabbi Lapin’s writings to me – and thereby to our family of 5.

  11. Susan,

    Once again you have put words to describe pretty much how I think about this election.

    Thanks for your continued wisdom

      1. You said it all! I am Judah-o-Christian and I think his mouth is much like the bags we set curb side each week at the end of our drive way, but I believe he will Fight for America! Go against the isis and terror fought by Israel thousands of years ago. And, I’m sick of Obama care making my family’s insurance, which is union based pay such high health costs. Hilary’s husband couldn’t be any worse of an example of a man disrespecting women! And Hillary stood by for personal gain. She will not fight against G-d’s enimies she will do what’s best for herself!

        1. Sherri – you’re making a good point. I do think that in his own way he loves this country while Hillary (like Obama) loves the potential to change this country in their own image.

  12. you ended up there because the churches in your country and most of the world are teaching rubbish and failing to raise up leaders .. people who Love Jesus and who are devoid of Godly character

    1. Not sure what country you are writing from, but I agree that, sadly, we are getting the leaders (or lack of Godly leaders) we deserve, whether from Christian or Jewish perspective.

  13. Can some one tell me where the edit button is so I can edit my posts Mrs. Lapin. Your I.T. guy can easily add that feature in the dashboard of the site, based on this type of website sorry for my typos im on a phone and your husband already knows im working around these orangutan thumbs ma’am. Installing an ** edit button widget **takes the it ( it = information technology ) guy like 5 minutes its a feature that should already exist on this really nice new website.
    Secondly one suggestion might be to allow users to upload perhaps one photo each within size limit fully compressed image.

    1. Regena, this was a long time coming. I wish I would hear from conservative leaders who hate Trump that they accept responsibility for things reaching such a desperate point. Only if we accept our sins and faults can we move away from them. It is frustrating when they treat Trump as something they had no part of causing.

      1. Susan, the way we got into this position is because there are no conservative leaders anymore. This is a revolution in the Republican party to get the party back to conservative values. Trump was not my first choice, but I believe he’s the perfect man for the job that must be started in this election.

        1. I think very few Republicans are principled, Bible-centered conservatives. In addition to that, a leader must be able to articulate a vision, be courageous and inspire – I’m afraid we’ve had far too little of that.

      2. Too many of our more conservative leaders are lukewarm. The Bible is pretty clear about us actually making a decision, be it hot or cold; never wishy-washy.

        1. Life is challenging and when you don’t deal with things quickly it gets more challenging. We are reaping decades of letting moral decadence, disdain for religion and the Constitution take over our society.

      3. God bless you. I recently heard the Daniel Prayer and mourn for this nation and call out to our Heavenly Father to intervene. Unfortunately we cannot battle the forces of evil without putting on the full armor. Like you said we cannot polite ourselves out of this mess. It is going to take courage fortitude and like God said to Joshua, “Why are you groveling with your face in the dust, Stand Up!”. It’s time for us to do the same.

    2. America has lost its way. We’ve become haighhty and arrogant. Our children are taught contraception at 3rd grade.Our TV is trash. We have u der Obama deserted Israel in favor of Iran..Abortion is contrary to L’chiam! Perhaps that’s how we ended up with what we deserve sadly.

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