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This morning’s Wall Street Journal has quite a big article about Tyler Shultz, grandson of former Secretary of State George Shultz. If you have a chance, look at it. It gives you hope about the younger generation. People like this counter the despair engendered by seeing what’s going on at college campuses after the election.

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  1. I had today’s WSJ with me for my flight home from Denver and then saw your tweet.

    Tyler Shultz is a clearly a young man with a functioning moral compass as well as a strong backbone. His crony capitalist former employer, on the other hand, is a textbook example of the Silicon Valley fascists, complete with their legal squadristi in the form of David Boles law firm. Kudos to a young man who has stood his ground against the rich, powerful, and well connected (even connected to his own famous grandfather).

    One thing that struck me in the article is the double standard as it applies to a crony capitalist bio-tech company with a $9 billion market capitalization vs. pick any hospital laboratory when it comes to PT (proficiency testing). A hospital laboratory is required to run blind samples three times per year (every four months) and to submit their results to the College of American Pathologists. If they fail even ONE result, they are placed on probation and must pass the next two consecutive surveys in order to get off probation. If evidence were ever to be presented to CMS (the overarching government enforcement arm) of fraud as is clearly the case with Tyler Schultz whistleblowing, the laboratory’s operation would be shut down, i.e. they would lose their license to report patient results in that laboratory. Just like with Hillary Clinton, there is a double standard for applying the law when it comes to the rich, powerful, and well connected vs. the average forgotten men and women of America. We need an army of Tyler Schultzes to begin standing up for the rule of law, and it looks to me like there’s about to be a new sherrif in town who will be willing and able to break up the Ruling Class crony capitalist’s cartel.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Yes, Peter, the new sheriff looks promising indeed. If all he does is slow down the deterioration he’ll be a winner.

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