Turnabout is Fair Play – But Not Allowed

I smiled when I read the Wall Street Journal headline, “When the Female Customer Perplexes the Techie Male CEO.” Without reading a word, I knew that the article would resonate. Invariably, my husband and I are drawn to different types of web sites, packaging and marketing. The standard disclaimer that each individual is unique doesn’t obscure the fact that our inclinations represent those of a larger proportion of our gender.

The article interviewed CEOs of burgeoning online hobby, craft and fashion businesses, some of whom were initially shocked to find that their most fervent customers were women. John Levisay, CEO of Craftsy Inc., began expanding online crafting classes when they drew more attention than the golfing ones he thought would be popular. Ben Silbermman, co-founder of Pinterest intended it as a showcase for collections such as his childhood insect one, and found that women flocked to the site eager to share decoration and recipe ideas.

Not surprisingly, these CEOs and others found that the way they naturally tended to do things didn’t necessarily match what their customers really wanted. According to the WSJ, Nicole Shariat Farb who also founded a craft e-commerce company said, “It’s not that a male founder or a male CEO automatically is precluded from doing a good job of running a company for women. But they are precluded from understanding their customer on an instinctual level.”

That sentence didn’t raise my hackles. Yet I can’t help thinking that if someone said exactly the same sentence replacing the word “male” with “female” and the word “woman” with “man” he or she would be attacked. In a hysterically politically correct climate, we aren’t even allowed to suggest that there is such a thing as men’s interests.

Once again, the marketplace reveals the realities that intellectual and political Pooh-Bahs insist on ignoring. How refreshing.

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2 thoughts on “Turnabout is Fair Play – But Not Allowed”

  1. Beginning with Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, the increasingly slanted and paranoid ‘gender culture’ has polarized the public zone of interaction between men and women and turned it into a veritable minefield.
    Once a female consultant was hired to help me. I treated her kindly enough, but the information she sought did not materialize fast enough to suit her, and one day she grew impatient and incensed and went for my jugular vein. I was hurt and stung, and I wondered what I had done to deserve a wicked, unprofessional tirade. Soon after, however, the truth emerged. She broke down and confessed that she preferred to work exclusively with women: a grave professional handicap and a critical error on her part, but I was glad that the boil had burst. I informed her politely, since she had to work with me, that I could not oblige her preference. And one day soon thereafter she was out the door and replaced with someone minus the BIG chip on the shoulder.
    It is lamentable that oft men and women are raised and enculturated in different ‘silos,’ and wind up at each others’ throats instead of celebrating their common humanity, working together and sharing the human experience which they hold in common. Yet even if this woman was a ‘worst case,’ my experience, like your article, perhaps bears witness how men and women do have different operating systems. And for sure, they have different ‘buttons’ to push. And yes, men do have their own characteristic interests and perspective, although as you suggest, it is heresy without pardon today to defend or excuse this perspective or even to acknowledge men’s right to own it.


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