Do You Believe the Election is Really Trump vs. Biden?

My morning interaction with my newspaper consists of many groans, occasional smiles and avoidance tactics. Since I am the only active player in this relationship, all three of these responses come from me.

Working backward, avoidance takes the form of turning to the crossword puzzle and not even looking at the rest of the paper. When I do venture further, the smiles come from a particularly well-written piece, from reading a point of view or information that enhances my understanding of the world, or from being reminded that wonderful people populate this country and world. Such a reminder came this week in a story of two neighbors whose yard signs support opposing presidential candidates, but who also have a second sign that says, “We (heart) them,” and shows an arrow pointing to their friend’s home.

Honestly, these days the groans are my most plentiful response. A Wall Street Journal editorial that included these words, “Joe Biden has an obligation to answer questions about his son’s influence-peddling and his own financial dealings—notably regarding China,” elicited a huge groan.

I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist. For the record, I believe that U.S. astronauts landed on the moon and I don’t think that Elvis Presley’s death was faked. However, I am increasingly cynical when it comes to the government and know that powerful interests continually do mendacious things of which we average citizens are completely unaware.

Should Joe Biden win the election (honestly or dishonestly) I do not give his chances of a four-year term of office more than 50%. I think I am being overly generous by suggesting odds that high. Whether he will “choose” to resign or whether he will be forced to resign by his own party, is irrelevant. The point is that it will be relatively easy to attack his mental capacity and/or bring forth serious allegations of abuse of power. He will be in office only on the sufferance of the Left. Their goal is to place in the Oval Office a redistributive Leftist willing to trash America’s founding values. She is waiting on the sidelines.

Of course, I could be wrong, but I groan at that editorial I mentioned above because I think it misses the point. Socialism thrives on a system whose rigorous rules and regulations cast such a wide net that every citizen, without exception, can easily be criminalized, even by falling foul of retroactive legislation. Every person is a potential criminal or easily threatened with or subject to blackmail. Anyone, no matter who, is in danger of being targeted. In addition, society’s rules change so rapidly that what was acceptable yesterday is unacceptable today—as we frequently see happening now. Things that the media is ignoring about Joe Biden today, can be front-page news tomorrow. I fear that Joe Biden’s very weaknesses that are being ignored today are what make him desirable to those scrambling for power.

What should we do?  

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28 thoughts on “Do You Believe the Election is Really Trump vs. Biden?”

  1. Susan,
    I stand with you. I pray psalm 91 over this nation. I believe God inspired and brought this nation into being, to be a nation under God, and is showing us that we could lose everything through our inattention and foolishness. I, too, have been weary at times, and yet, oddly enough, undaunted.

    There is a real battle going on for the soul of this nation. God is good and faithful to show us that reality…..thank you, Father, for the lesson…for our own good.. in the nick of time.

  2. Once again you are spot on. I continue to pray that the American people will vote for our country and not a communist takeover. Seems with the increased evil in the world and turn from Biblical teachings we may very well becoming to the end of this age as for told since the beginning.

  3. I listened to a survivor of a death camp, I can’t remember which one, and he was explaining the problems of adjustment to his environment after he was freed. Finally the host said, “Do you blame Hitler for what you have been put through?” “No,” he said. “I blame those who voted him in.” Maybe it is time we, individually first, turn to seek His face and admit our guilt for 62,000,000 million baby deaths and other sins that are bad, maybe not horrible as above, but still short of God. If many did that, might not the places we worship begin to change? The culture?

    1. David, thank you for your very cogent comment, and thank you, Miss Susan and Rabbi Daniel, for targeting this urgent issue. Scripture tells us that judgment begins with the House of G-d. While we have failed to uphold His standards, He still wants to pardon us, be reconciled to us. That is where II Chronicles 7:14 comes into play. We who claim to be G-d’s people must wake up, recognize and acknowledge that we have sinned against the Holy One, humble ourselves , pray, and ask for forgiveness, then the Holy One promises that He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land. He has given us the guidelines for restoration, but we need to walk the path of repentance. Blessings to you and everyone for your wonderful comments.

  4. When I was in middle school, I think – that was in the ’70’s – the big fear was that America would be destroyed in a war with a foreign (Communist) nation. I said then that would not be the case: America would be destroyed from within – without a shot being fired – by people who hold the beliefs and practices of such a nation. If Biden is elected, we will see it happen.

    1. Sonia, it is eerie to read about the fall of the Roman Empire and see how it came from weakness within.

  5. America was founded on Biblical Principles and became the greatest country in history. I believe the Quality of Life peaked in the 1950s. The 1960s brought in many radical changes and matters got progressively worse to where we are today.It seems like each day something more outrageous happens. It will be very difficult to undo the damage especially when only a fraction of the population goes to church etc. Many believe we are in the end of The End Times and we all need to keep praying for America and the world.

    1. Mathew, I would settle for working within the church and synagogue so that we pass on values to our children and stay strong. Even among those who pray regularly, there is an erosion of understanding.

  6. Kristin GroseThos

    Patriots who have fought off the opposition the last four years remind America that we were actually the victors in 2016…we are weary but not undaunted. We enter the last 12 days leaning hard into our faith that we have done all the Lord expected of us to uphold the beacon of freedom and justice to the world. Pray hard now and know that the Lord’s time is not our time and His ways not always our ways. God speed.

  7. John Thomas Themalil

    Dear Susan Lapin, even with Pope’s recent unbiblical declaration, and the left-appeal to the GIC turned (RDL’s phrase) American youth, the Holy One of Israel will not give up the Cyrus of our times, and He will deliver American people out of their ‘distresses’ Psalm 107.
    John Thomas Themalil

  8. Dear Susan,
    Once again, the other commenters stated most of what I might have said, had they not gotten in ahead of me. So, since you did mention Elvis, please allow me to offer a little non-political humor via a link–(removed by admin.)

    1. Laughter is a great thing, CK, and we could all use a non-political moment, but we have a general policy of removing links.

  9. I agree. Biden may be elected, but will not be sworn in, or will be removed in short order. Furthermore.
    Kamala Harris, though native born, is not natural born, and cannot serve as President. There is a difference. By 18th century understanding, and British common law, a natural born citizen is the offspring of a citizen. Kamala’s parents were not citizens of the US at the time of her birth. This also applies to Senators Cruz and Rubio.
    The British Nationality Act 1730 provided: for the explaining the said recited Clause in the said Act . . . [t]hat all Children born out of the Ligeance of the Crown of England, or of Great Britain, or which shall hereafter be born out of such Ligeance, whose Fathers were or shall be natural-born Subjects of the Crown of England, or of Great Britain, at the Time of the Birth of such Children respectively … are hereby declared to be natural-born Subjects of the Crown of Great Britain, to all Intents, Constructions and Purposes whatsoever.
    The natural-born-citizen clause has not yet been precisely defined and I doubt this will go to the Supreme Court now.

    1. Where I was wrong, Les, was that I feared that Hillary would not make it to Election Day – there was definitely enough there to force her out if there was a desire to do so.

  10. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the front people for the powerful ones who will be running things.
    They want to remake and tear down this country, seize power, then remake the United States according to their schemes.
    If they win, they will restructure our government and laws and make sure their stranglehold on the institutions, elections and courts, will be theirs for generations.
    I pray for Trump and for his victory. With God’s help a miracle will put Trump back in office. The evil has gathered and aligned itself and will be devastating to this country if they succeed.

  11. Sadly, you “nailed it”! Have been saying for months, in my opinion, he will not serve beyond a few weeks. Pelosi’s statement recently that her going after the 25th amendment was not meant for Trump, but for Biden, sealed it for me.

    1. Marion, I’m not placing odds on timing, but I do see that he would be on very shaky ground. Even in office, he would be just a figurehead.

  12. I am Brazilian and we have a similar scenario here, in fact I believe this is the war all over the world. I am happy because you talk about politics and fortunately are aware of the real war. However the majority of leaders from churches and synagogues remain silent, letting their people be taught by mainstream media.
    Thanks to you and to one christian leader from my country I learned that polics matters. Regards.

    1. Silvia, I admit to a great deal of ignorance about Brazil and other countries, but the little I do know suggests that this is, indeed, a battle being fought all over the world.

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