Too Many Voices

If your email inbox looks anything like mine, you are being bombarded by fund-raising screeds around the clock. They shriek (by use of capital letters) that if I don’t donate to candidate X, the sky will fall and America will perish. If I don’t support organization Y, freedom will fail. My helping them, whether an individual or an organization, will transform them into the garland of garlic that will repel Dracula.

To be sure, I do think that civilization in America is in grave danger. The patient is desperately ill. I appreciate every individual and group who is fighting back. But there needs to be a central force around which we can all coalesce; thousands of separate pieces do not make a strong shield. So, while I subscribe to Epoch Times and pay for a subscription to Bari Weiss’ Common Sense and send money to #Walkaway and donate to some political campaigns, much more is needed.

I no longer donate to the Republican Party. Years ago, author Timothy Daughtry told me of addressing Republican senators, urging them to acquire savvy and backbone and be proactive. (Abigail Shrier’s latest piece beats the same drum.) He explained to the elected officials that the Democrat Party provides talking points, so whatever the issue, politicians who are interviewed will use the same words, driving their perspective into the consciousness of Americans. Republicans were more independent with each politician speaking his or her own mind. That was admirable in theory, but it made the party and its positions weaker. He told me with sadness that some top party officials asked him what a talking point was, while most of the participants at his session showed no interest in what he was saying. Republicans en masse haven’t advanced from that level of disconnect with the electorate or reality. Marketing savvy, even on winning issues, too often seems non-existent.

Years ago, they sent me a solicitation letter on behalf of the Party, signed by John McCain. I wrote back explaining that if the powers-that-be thought he was a draw, they were trying to lose the election (which they frequently did). I might technically be a Republican on my voting registration, but they had stopped representing me. Their behavior since hasn’t changed my mind. By ignoring me and tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands? millions?) like me, they paved the way for outlier Donald J. Trump. With all his flaws, he was more in touch with real people than they were.

I do occasionally donate to individual candidates, but I don’t have the time to wade through all the requests I get. Their self-promotion sounds alike and I don’t have the resources to go deeper into all of them and ascertain if they truly are what they claim to be or to make the type of donation that would make a tangible difference. I speak and write and try to buttress those standing for civilization on a larger stage than mine, but one voice, one strongly articulated clear message is needed.

The minute a real leader emerges, he or she will be attacked, lied about and maligned. Whatever President Trump’s true shortcomings, many, if not most, of people’s hysterical objections to him were based on falsehood. The next leader may monitor his or her words more wisely, but the bombardment of frantic attacks will nonetheless rain down upon his or her head.

For now, good people certainly are doing good work. Even so, instead of presenting a strong team front, they come across as disparate entities and their messages, sadly, largely end up in my trash folder. I don’t know how to solve this problem—do you?

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18 thoughts on “Too Many Voices”

  1. Hi Susan,
    I enjoyed reading your musing and am greatly encouraged by the uniformity of thought in all of the comments. They do in fact speak for themselves.

    I support the Foundation for American Christian Education as well as the Young Americans Foundation. These are our among the organizations that hold the hope for the future, for it is God and the values of the Judaeo-Christian Bible that will restore our county. Nothing less.

    1. Peter, I’m not familiar with the Foundation for Christian Education, but I do know YAF – my husband has frequently spoken for them.

  2. In my rural state, Republican candidates did extremely well in the last election.  They definitely knew how to use unified talking points.  It’s the Democrats who are feeling demoralized and worried about their party not having good talking points.  Republicans here carried the state for Trump, control state government, have passed many bills and administrative rules, and seem to be feeling great about their future.

    1. How nice to hear optimism and positive news, Anne. I don’t know what your state is, but I’m glad you’re there.

  3. SUSAN ~
    Thanks for articulating my thoughts exactly. Like it or not the best messenger conservatives (not necessarily Republicans) ever had is President Trump. His business savvy tied up a lot of loose ends and his follow-up was impeccable. We were on top of the world in November 2020. Unfortunately conservative nature does not marinate in devious MO’s but the left is extremely adept in take-no-prisoners operations. We hit a buzz saw during the last election for which we are now doing a deep dive into what happened, why, how and how to run fair and legitimate elections in the future. Your call to action about focus without losing individual nuance is spot on. Without that approach we will continue to flounder while the loyal opposition runs off with the prize.

  4. I am loving reading all these comments. Please excuse my not answering each one, but they speak for themselves. I appreciate everyone’s words and thoughts. We are the too-often ignored majority within the Republican Party.

  5. Thank you, Susan. You have given voice to what has been boiling over on the back burner of my mind. The onslaught of fund-raising e-mails, phone calls (from politicians whose calls are not banned; how convenient), and texts from Republican-based entities is beyond the pale. I agree that civilization in America is in grave danger, that patient is desperately ill. I am not so generous as are you in appreciating every individual and group. As you so aptly point out, there is no central force, there is no strong shield.

    I stopped donating to the Republican Party years ago, but still get reminders that my “membership” in the Party has not been renewed. My couple of letters decrying such nonsense went unanswered (surprise!) despite the assurance that the Party wants to hear from me. Apparently, I was not saying what they wanted to hear. I had to resort to blocking the phone number associated with every it’s-extremely-urgent-that-you-donate-immediately text, and to unsubscribing from most e-mails sounding the same alarm. Like the plethora of fundraisers, the Republican politicians are not articulating one clear unifying message.

    The Republican Party overall continues to lack backbone. Perhaps that would be easier to come by if there was a unified message. Several times the Party pointlessly “repealed” Obamacare for show while not in power, then failed to actually do so when they had the power. Glenn Beck aptly pointed out that many politicians that make it to Washington ultimately become subsumed by the DC culture and money. Without strong convictions, in line with the real people back home whom they represent, it is nigh impossible to sustain one’s backbone while being battered about, even by one’s own party. Perhaps we at home need to speak louder (with civility) to our representatives to bolster their courage.

    I too do not know how to solve this problem. A unified voice, echoing the principles and values of the majority of Americans, accompanied by results that address the needs of the ill patient, would be one viable solution. For now, we have a nation no longer under God, in the throes of the death of freedom, with government not of the people but by the rich and elite for the power and for the money.

  6. I’m so relieved to read your words. You articulated so many things I’ve been thinking. I’m afraid for our precious country. One silver lining that I see is that the Left is so emboldened by their success that they are not in any way hiding their agenda, beliefs and attitudes, and man, are they ugly. Maybe this will wake up the bulk of the American people.

    Apart from prayer, supporting those communicating the truth, and speaking out myself, I have no ideas for a solution.

  7. Very well said Susan (as always). I agree. I was in the process of going thru my emails and unsubscribing as the volume of information is impossible to keep up with. I long ago stopped giving to the Republican Party and instead give to men and women who have demonstrated beyond a doubt they are committed to fighting for the values and ideas that made this country great. I used to assume if a candidate had an R behind their name, they were the good guys. Very naive. Trump proved that actions speak louder than words. What is emerging that is very, very promising, is the vast numbers of energized citizens such as those who speak passionately at the Loudon County School Board hearings on CRT. That to me is where the power is. I hope and pray it will snowball and average Americans will become vocal and active. I’m looking to where I should invest my time and energy.

  8. Yes, I have been considering your concerns for some time. After much prayer and consideration, it came to me one morning, I cannot take credit, that having “one voice,” means to align our thinking, our words, with what the Almighty has written for us in the Bible.

  9. Yep, I can swipe 50 emails at a time for the trash bin, over 200 daily! When I do take time to read the requests they have the same urgent message, 500 match, or you have been selected to be a VIP member but you must donate by midnight tonight etc etc…icuumba! I do believe our country is in peril and censorship, lies about everything is very unsettling and I believe only going to get worse. It seems that the Tea Party had the most cohesive movement but then sold out to the republican party who let us down again. I will not give up on fighting for this country so I do donate to some campaigns and organizations but I only have limited resources and as you mentioned time. I do not have any answers but do think that a solid united front needs to be formed and the only one that has the momentum and audience is Donald J. Trump. I am excited that Larry Elder threw his hat in the ring for Governor of CA even though I do not live in CA he is such a great conservative. I am glad I am not the only one that is tired of all these emails but thanks for giving it some rational thought and looking for answers, everything is “figureoutable” term borrowed from Marie Forleo.

  10. Joy Sheffield Handelman

    One more thing. We have started watching Larry Kudlow and his wonderfully upbeat message is something clear and powerful that could be repeated. He is a wonderful voice for freedom and civilization. He has brought Tim Scott to the show repeatedly and brought out Scott’s wonderful rebuttal to Biden’s state of the union address. There are leaders there; we just have to find them and support them.

  11. I appreciate your question and honesty so much. It does seem that as a group the Republicans do not present a clear strong message. The left has a consistent drumbeat from nearly every corner — including the media. Republicans are so much more individual in their concerns. That ought to be a plus, but in this climate, it is not. If ever there was a time when a clear and strong offense against the destructive views of the left was needed, it is now. The embattled Cuban people seem to have more of a desire and respect for freedom and for the values that helped to create this country than we have. How can we find and support those who are truly making a difference for life, freedom, and human dignity? In the past, I tried to find groups that advocated for issues that I believe are crucial. Two are the Susan B. Anthony Education Fund is one and the American Center for Law and Justice is another. I also donated to the Heritage Foundation. These groups support litigation, research, and education. I like to think that they have some influence on the lawmakers in the Republican party. I am certainly open to a more concentrated way to make a difference. It is so frustrating.

  12. It’s going to get much worse. Today’s Republican is yesterday’s Democrat. The graph may oscillate but the trend is “Progressive”. My email is the electronic version of a Mexican tourist beach. There are few worthy leaders and a myriad of opportunists of dubious merit. Watching a nascent pearl doesn’t engender the hope of my younger days. Every time I spot a bright star #CANCELLED snuffs it out and the piranhas of the press quickly strip the carcass before a groundswell of support can coalesce. We’re into the (at least) third generation of indoctrinated citizenry no longer capable of even imagining the dreams of our founders as something to be desired.

  13. Lydia McKittrick

    Registered Republican. Totally agree with your thoughts. Candidates must have courage to take a strong stand in unity. Voted 2020 for Donald Trump. Pray daily for America.

  14. Spot on, and yet I have no idea what the answer is either right now. 🙁

    Keep writing, Susan.

  15. So. Well. Put.

    Mrs. Lapin you spoke my mind! Ever since elections have gone national and the media have sending talking points viral this has been an uphill battle.

    I think conservative candidates have to learn how to unify their voices into sensational talking points – elevator pitches. The need to have a backbone and remember that their true opinion when spoken well represents an enormous constituent and they need to hold their positions regardless of media backlash.

    I’d like to see conservatives politicians invoking Gods name more often to back their opinions up by absolute morality, and contrast it to “relative morality”.

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