Time for a Mirror?

January 24th, 2017 Posted by On Our Mind 7 comments

I’m having trouble understanding how people who have spent fifty years advocating for vulgarity in our culture can profess shock at vulgar comments by a presidential candidate and then protest his inauguration by spouting vulgarities. At a certain point, doesn’t hypocrisy have to smack you in the face?

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Lisa says:

Unfortunately, dear Rabbi, these individuals only see their vision! Not how the world rrrrreally works!

Peter B. says:

If it weren’t for double standards, liberals wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Susan Lapin says:

I disagree with you on this one, Peter.

Lynn Perrizo says:

Remember the TV add the democrats ran against Mr. Trump with the punch line, “Our children are watching?” I saw small children carrying signs with profanity written on them. How very, very sad. Hypocrisy at its best? I think so.

Susan Lapin says:

Actually, I don’t watch TV so I hadn’t seen the ad. But, yes, I hope some very good women who participated had second thoughts when they heard some of the vulgar hatred beaming out. I think there is a big difference between most of the crowd and the ‘leadership.’

Sam Rosano says:

Perfectly said!

Susan Lapin says:

I was pretty pleased with it myself!


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