There are currently 500,000 unfilled high-skilled IT and computer science jobs in the U.S. Hmmmm….. I wonder…..

From today’s Wall Street Journal: The draft order [to slow the importation of high tech foreign workers] “if signed, risks serious consequences for US-based tech companies’ ability to hire elite global talent,” Blake Irving, chief executive of GoDaddy Inc., said on Wednesday. “To be clear, the entire US economy is at stake with this draft order and tech leaders need to speak out on its dangers.” There are currently 500,000 unfilled high-skilled IT and computer science jobs in the U.S., Mr. Irving wrote.
The order, if issued, would be the latest effort by President Donald Trump to make good on his promise to preserve jobs and put “America first.” It would also mark his fourth action on immigration, following moves on border security, deportations and refugee admissions.
Wall Street Journal Thursday Feb 2.

So, let me get this clear…The only way to fill half a million high paying jobs is by bringing foreigners under a special visa program. Yet, last time I checked, there are more than half a million Americans looking for jobs. “Oh” you tell me, “they are not educated enough to fill those jobs!” Oh, I get that, so let’s stop perpetuating the educational mistakes of the past sixty years and confirm Betsy DeVoss for Sec of Education. Maybe it’s time to really fix American education so Americans can get a decent education for their children. Stop indoctrinating those children with sexual deviancy propaganda and stop wasting their time with lying environmental hysteria. Maybe start teaching them math, biology, chemistry and physics. While you’re at it also teach them a bit about money and economics. Oh but wait, such well educated youngsters, the day they reached age of 18, would vote out the teachers’ unions who for so long sabotaged their success by obstructing real education. Yes, right, that would just be collateral damage. Meanwhile, those half million great jobs await them….

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  1. Off-beat question: was this website developed with node.js? I really like the design and functionality. On another note: I am listening to your audio-book: Thou Shalt Prosper: The Ten Commandments to Making Money. I am on chapter 4. So far, it is AWESOME! I am very pleased. Thanks.


    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Hi Ken–
      I really don’t know since we hired developers to build it. Our specifications to them related to functionality only not to platform or coding tools. Thank you so much for your compliment which I am passing along to our tech team.
      I was invited to be the reader for that audio version of Thou Shall Prosper and I regret passing on doing so but I hear the reader is perfectly good.
      Happy it is giving you value

  2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Right George–
    Elected representatives who make the rules should always have to live by those rules. Why Congressmen and Senators get to have their own medical system is a mystery. And a bad one at that.

  3. Rabbi- totally amazing how the government and media can get away with “doomsday” predictions all the while defending the agency’s, institutions and policies that got us to their “doomsday”. It would be so nice if everyone involved would be mandated to a root cause analysis retreat of this problem somewhere nice and productive and really get to the bottom of this IT “crisis”- maybe form the same game plan? In my industry the government is really pushing this root cause analysis initiative to solve our problems- maybe they need to take their own medicine?

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Huh Ned?
      You know your incendiary 8 words courageously revealing the Truth won’t get posted? Why ever not?

      1. I really do like you and don’t mean to disrespect or inflame. Thanks you for the response and please forgive me if that previous text offended. I’ve benefited by your immigration to this great country. I’m assuming by the accent that you were not originally an American citizen. But it’s a little “forked tonguey” to now say that we can get all we need from within when we benefit from the experiences of those from outside. Happy Groundhogs Day, Ned

        1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

          Dear Ned–
          It is not at all ‘forked tonguey’. The fact that I legally immigrated to this country and became a naturalized citizen in no way requires me to now be in favor of open borders. Why would you think that? If I made it onto the lifeboat after our ship was torpedoed, am I obliged to pull every other person onto our lifeboat even if the gunwales are 1 inch above water and more weight will sink us all? If I believe that right now, America needs breathing time to integrate immigrants, why would this position be immoral just because I am an immigrant? Sorry my friend, I am not at all offended. If bad logic offended me, I’d have had to change jobs years ago.
          Best wishes,

  4. Mitchell Ferguson

    Perfectly stated! Once again, you have hit the nail on the head.
    America first, then we’ll be better able to help others.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thanks Mitchell–
      So far I must say that Mr Trump is fulfilling many of my hopes when I started supporting him last March when I said that if he just ran things with business pragmatism, I’d be happy. He’s doing better than that so far.
      It amazes me that people didn’t respond to Blake Irving by telling him “Exactly, now let’s get Americans educated to take those jobs.”
      Stay in touch!

  5. I agree that we need to train our own people to take these jobs but It seem we have a large segment of our population with no work ethic. I just retired from a controls engineer job, I know I violated Lapin’s 10th commandment but I started my own company, and now working part time training their technical personal. It really hard to train people who have little work ethic. Those who have a good work ethic shine. I go over something once and when I see them again they’ve tried out various things and have all sorts of questions. The others haven’t touched it and I have to repeat most of it. So the question is if we have enough highly motivated people to train for these jobs. But if they are highly motivated, they trained themselves.

    I should have been sharing my Rabbi’s Prosperity Power CD’s.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Robert,
      First of all, you didn’t retire–you found a new and better way to serve God’s other children. Well done!
      A recent twitter post of mine ( @DanielLapin ) read: The poor aren’t poor because they haven’t received training in coding. They are poor because they can’t get up early in the morning and serve customers with competence and a smile. (or words to that effect..)
      We used to call those the soft skills. a work ethic, ability to take orders, delivering more than demanded, dressing neatly and respectfully, etc etc. But we were wrong. They are far more important and far harder to inculcate than coding.
      I simply do not know how companies who stress high level of customer service like Nordstroms are finding employees. I do know that more and more firms are spending more and more money training new hires on the basics they used to arrive with.
      You’ve discovered all that of course.
      Stay in touch via

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