The Truth Isn’t Always True

It’s been over a year and I have yet to write about the events of January 6th, 2021. Few Americans are paying attention to the hearings regarding those days. Even fewer paid attention over the past year to the betrayal of the American justice system in its treatment of those who were accused of crimes related to what occurred on January 6th. That is somewhat understandable. Abuse and misuse of the law has become so common that it no longer invites scrutiny.

I was silent largely because I didn’t want to write about what I did not know. I now believe that was a mistake. The reason I wasn’t knowledgeable was because the mainstream media decided that I should not know. Their attitude can be summed up as: “There was an insurrection. It was worse than Pearl Harbor. Trump supporters are evil loonies. Nothing else to see here, let’s move along.” While alternative media was presenting me with a great deal of questions and information, I felt that they too had an agenda. Balanced reporting? Presentation of all the facts? That was missing.

One of the greatest acts of malfeasance on the part of the media over the past few years has been their selective reporting. I am so tired of hearing that only rabid, unbalanced fanatics have questions as to the validity of the 2020 elections. For decades, John Fund, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board from 1995 to 2001, has been warning of a broken election system. Just as ignoring infrastructure repairs seems to be working (and freeing up tax dollars) until a bridge collapses and people die, ignoring Mr. Fund’s warnings, among the warnings of others, was easy to do until election after election showed good reason for Americans to distrust the system. Whether or not ballots were harvested or altered in enough numbers to change the 2020 election results is an important question. However, no matter the answer to that question, the press’s suppression of information that would be damaging to the Biden campaign along with years of manufacturing false information that was damaging to the Trump presidency is incontestable. The press and the social media companies manipulated the American people.

Years ago—so many that I can’t lay my hands on it—I wrote a piece based on a whimsical Mother’s Day article that appeared in our local newspaper. The reporter had surveyed a number of children to ask something along the lines of to which First Lady they wanted to wish a happy Mother’s Day. Barbara Bush was the overwhelming winner. However, the large-sized drawing on the page showed Hillary Clinton alongside a small drawing of Mrs. Bush and one or two others. If you only read the headline and glanced at the page, your impression was that Hillary was the favorite. I noted it because I used it as a parenting tool to show my children how to read newspapers critically.

Sometime after that, a more serious selection bias regularly took place. In the years when politicians like Barack Obama were stressing that no one thought gay marriage was desirable and that all that was being asked was non-discrimination against homosexuals, Gay Pride parades were quite the thing. If you drove by one of those parades, you often saw some very bizarrely dressed and anti-social looking people. Yet, the news reports invariably showed only those who looked mainstream – carbon copies of one’s co-workers and neighbors. They did not interview the men who changed partners more frequently than toothbrushes, but they did interview the two men who had adopted three special-needs children, saving those children from living in a succession of foster homes.

What normal person wants to be associated with the Viking helmet, fur-encased rioter of January 6th? I certainly don’t. Yet, by highlighting that man and a small minority of others, the elite in the United States ignored the thousands of decent, law-abiding people there that day, the hundreds who have been trapped in kangaroo court non-justice all year, and the serious questions that exist around the 2020 election.

Lies told often enough get accepted as truth. And truth selectively chosen is just another form of a lie.

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