The Traditional Biden Voter

I expend an outsized amount of mental effort trying to understand the half of America that voted for the Biden/Harris team. I realize that those people don’t all fit into any one category, just as all the people who voted for Trump/Pence, can’t be described as having one monolithic mindset.  I understand the young who have been tragically misled to believe that socialism is a viable political option. I get those who make decisions without deep thought but simply listen to popular personalities or follow what those around them do or have done for generations. Even as they see no change or improvement when they re-elect the same types of people whose empty promises have yet to materialize, they continue to vote exactly as they always have. I even recognize the cognitive dissonance of those, often older voters, who cannot move past their decades-long conviction that Republicans are affluent, racist, anti-Semites. Some people, certainly, are one-issue voters who look only at one topic, say abortion, and ignore everything else.

The subgroup that interests me, however, are those people who I would classify as politically involved, intelligent, patriotic, and traditional-leaning.  They are appalled at rioting and looting, believe in free speech and freedom of religion, and proudly fly American flags outside their homes. Yet, they and I came to different conclusions about which of two extremely different paths the country should follow for the next four years.

Or perhaps, we didn’t. Maybe they are putting faith in Joe Biden to lead with the steel of Patton and the wisdom of Solomon. They trust him to stand up and save the Democrat Party from Leftism. They were horrified at President Trump’s manner and speech (based on the President’s admittedly unorthodox method of speaking and a great deal of deceitful reporting), but they were equally dismayed by the anti-Semitic, anti-religious Leftist tilt of the Gang of Four, the viciousness and blatant lying during the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, and the waste of taxpayer money on the Russian collusion hoax and the  groundless impeachment. Their visceral dislike of President Trump ran up against their memories of a more nuanced time when Ronald Reagan could work with Tip O’Neill or Bill Clinton could enact welfare reform with Newt Gingrich. They truly blame President Trump for the chasm dividing America. This pushed them to believe that a Biden presidency would return things to a state of more fraternal collegiality. After all, there were bad spots in the past like the appalling treatment inflicted on Judge Bork or on Justice-elect Clarence Thomas and things seemed to stabilize for a bit after that.

I do not know if the thoughts I am imagining these voters having are accurate. I do know that, should the election go forward as predicted by the media (not the topic of this writing), I see only two choices. Perhaps, my support for President Trump was not as crucial as I thought it was and these voters are correct that a Biden presidency will prove centrist and calming. Or, as I suspect, a Biden presidency will succumb to Leftist anti-American voices and betray these voters. If I was wrong, I would actually be quite relieved. I would love to see this country thrive and see Leftist violence and hatred stifled.

If, however, my fears are correct, then these individuals will bear the privilege and responsibility of loudly and forcefully speaking up. They will be the ones who will have to let the Democrat Party know that they will never be deceived again. And, I sleep at night only because I do believe that, whatever propelled them to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they are at heart, good and noble people with a deep love for this country.

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31 thoughts on “The Traditional Biden Voter”

  1. Oh Susan, your musings never disappoint♥
    I’m afraid millions of Americans are drowning in information and starving for wisdom!

  2. Vice president Joe Biden was instrumental in General Flynn’s arrest and prosecution. He used the FBI to punish Flynn because Flynn would have not overlooked Bidens misdeeds.
    This is what happens when men make a career in politics. The seduction of greed and power is so great, few are able to stay unaffected.

  3. One thing that I thought about during this election is that my hope one day for neither a Red nor Blue Party but a PURPLE Party…the red and the blue headed up by Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the King of the Jews and the King of the World! Shalom and Baruch HaShem!

  4. Thanks Susan for your response to the election. We watch you and Rabbi Lapin each night at 6pm on the TCT network. The last few we watched, I was a little upset that you and your husband feel that the HEART is nothing to regard. And in your final paragraph, you stated that “they are at heart, good and noble people with a deep love for this country.” Allow me to let your know that our hearts have 40,000 neurons and think, lust, talks & sees according to the 667 times God uses the “heart” in the Bible. I can include a copy of those verses is you are interested. I could not send it over in this comment, but could in an email. It was most uplifting to be able to track of of these verses and not any longer think that the heart will lead me astray. The brain does a pretty good job of this, as you can tell from the election outcome.

    1. Adele, I’m surprised to hear that we said the heart is nothing to regard. I would want to watch the show to hear the context. What we have taught for years, that in order, when making decisions we should follow brain first (thinking), heart second (emotions) and, finally, physical desires.

  5. Robert Winston, Esq.

    I believe that many of the voters that cast ballots for Biden/Harris suffer from “Trump derangement syndrome”. Look at some of the RINOs that have failed to support him in his efforts to secure a fair, free and honest election result. It seems abundantly clear that Trump actually won the presidential election by a wide margin, but you won’t hear that from the lame-stream media (which, sadly included much of FOX) or the RINOs.

    Whether we’re talking about women’s rights/abortion (remember when the discussion was “when does life begin”?), COVID-19-Wuhan virus treatment, “systemic racism” , social media censorship (too much or too little), big government (nanny state), totalitarianism (again, the nanny state which will control you once you must depend on them for your existence), the 2nd amendment (the ultimate bulwark against American leftist totalitarianism), voter rights/suppression (I recall ink-dipped fingers in middle-east elections to curtail voter fraud, here we seem to do everything we can to encourage or at least facilitate voter fraud in the name of “access” or “Covid”), I could go on…

    I fear that years, decades really, of leftist indoctrination in our public schools (they really are government indoctrination centers…and are blatantly anti-American in their history and values) has raised several generations of “pseudo Americans” or AINOs. These poor products of our own teachings have “learned that the USA is an evil empire” (not the communists of old or new), full of bigotry, hate, and other undesirable values and principals. Rather than being a beacon of goodness and democracy for the world, we are wrongly seen by this miss-guided group (both the youth and not-so-young) as a negative force in the world, a country that should accept our place as “no better than anyone else”, perhaps on par with (or even behind) a half-dozen other countries.

    This malady of our own making is not easily fixed or overcome. Years of indoctrination require years of counter-indoctrination with truth. And, while the GICs have the kids’ legally-mandated attention for year after year in school, there is no legal, rational, or moral way to accomplish this “re-education”. The whole concept of “re-education” has a justifiably negative context, as it has been used by dictators time and time again.

    Will we ever see the Trump 2020 victory the country deserves? I don’t know, but I fear we are beyond the tipping point. If Biden is sworn in, he will be a puppet for Harris and numerous Democrat leftists and communists that will “fundamentally transform” the USA into a 3rd world oligarchy.

    Pray, pray, pray, and may God bless the United States of America.

  6. I have lived under 10 presidents. Both I and the nation have survived them all. Our frenzied excitement over the impending “demise of the USA“ due to the election or non-election of a particular Republican or Democrat (pick one) Is symptomatic. Symptomatic of an increasingly secular society which has neither belief nor faith in a God who ultimately rules over and guides the affairs of nations and…individuals. Trust in Him rather than the “arm of flesh”.

  7. Carmine Pescatore

    When Ed Koch lost his election for a second term as NYC’s mayor, he reportedly said ” the people have voted, now the people will suffer”. If Trump doesn’t get a second term, we will all suffer.

  8. Let everyone be subject to governing authorities, for their is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves. Romans 13:1-2 Praise be of the name of God forever and ever, wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; deposes kings and raise up others. Daniel 20:20-21

  9. I find one of the hardest things to do is become someone else’s judge . So I am mindful of this teaching man looks up on the outward appearance but God looks up on the heart . And out of the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart . Ìsaiah 45 speaks of a king Cyrus vs 4 for the sake of Jacob my servant and of Israel my chosen I have called you by your name . I have surnamed you , though you have not known me. Though many would object because he was a heathen king he had no right to be in power he was God’s pick . President Trump though many object to his presidency has been a friend to Israel he has protected Americans by building a border wall and protecting there lively hood through fair trade , he has lifted the burden of America paying to protect other countries from there enemies . He is pro life , pro constitution , and pro faith . He is opposed on every issue by the democratic party on how to manage the virus and giving people choice of using there choice of protecting themselves from the virus . A last thought where the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty . Thank God for his choice .

  10. When all the legal votes are counted, it will be found the majority of our citizens did not vote for Biden. Should all votes be counted and Biden declared the winner; we shall all learn the true meaning of the words “Everything is on the table.” It is my belief one of the items on the table is our Democratic Constitutional Republic. My faith is in God who shall settle this in a manner that is for our long term well being. That belief calms my heart.

    1. I agree with you. The election outcome was not my choice. But, with all the prayers offered for this election, I am sure God has a better answer than we can imagine right now.

  11. I’m trying not to think about it. It is all so depressing and sad. My son and daughter in law serving overseas are at the forefront of my heart and mind at all times. I worry over their safety as our enemies overseas mock and laugh at our slide downward away from a president with a backbone.

    1. Susan, one of the terrible results of the end of the draft is how much of the country has no ‘skin in the game’ when it comes to our military. They have never served and they know no one who serves. Makes me think that votes should be weighted on this as on so many other issues.

  12. My belief is that many of the people voting for Biden / Harris (or more accurately, Harris / Biden) have no idea what policies they were voting for. With no campaigning or selling to speak of, and a press corps (or perhaps in this case, corpse) asking hard-hitting questions pertaining to ice cream flavors of the former VP, there was very little advertised as to the intentions of this administration. And how many voters actually took the time to check Biden’s website for that information?? Ignorance isn’t going to be very blissful for many of these folks.

    1. Jean, in another reply to a comment, I said that I did not think that Biden is a man of great character. By not vetting him or asking him hard questions, the same media that protected him left everything about him open to question.

  13. SUSAN ~
    The only place I would beg to differ with your always spot-on analysis is that those “people who I would classify as politically involved, intelligent, patriotic, and traditional-leaning” seem to be able to ignore the 800 lb party gorilla that must be protected, recognized and worshiped in order to belong , that being abortion. I am not sure how they can make peace with that. You are much more generous in your willingness to give quarter to what used to be known as our loyal opposition but now pride themselves as our mortal enemies, some of them brainstorming about ways to send conservatives to “re-education” camps. A blessed Thanksgiving to all at the Lapin house!

    1. Kristin, the people about whom I wrote would recoil at the idea of ‘re-education camps.’ As for abortion, I certainly understand where you’re coming from, but, while not being able to speak for those who definitely turn a blind eye to much of what goes on in the abortion field, they might say that there are counter-horrors in other places. You are probably a ‘one-issue voter’ when it comes to abortion. For many others, it is one of many issues. God is going to have to judge us on this one.

  14. There are many publicly-accessible sources of online opinion — blog posts, tweets, short videos, newspaper op-ed pieces, etc. — that help explain why so many Americans voted for Biden. Some of the opinions are focused on concerns about a variety of specific issues that range from immigration reform to the protection of the environment.

    Many voters are concerned about specific issues even though they are not one-issue voters. That is true for voters on both sides.

    I don’t think the motivations of Biden voters really have to be a mystery, any more than the motivations of Trump voters have to be a mystery. Many people on each side have expressed bewilderment about the other side, but there is lots of information available.

    However, if the real underlying question, on either side, is “How can you possibly feel so very differently than I do about basic realities, to the point that your beliefs are so utterly and horrifyingly bizarre?!”, then answers probably won’t be found, because they aren’t really being sought.

    1. Anne, I enjoyed your comment. I think you are agreeing with my point but perhaps expanding it, that there are many reasons why people on both sides choose to vote as they do, and we may have more areas in common than we think. That means that either side going to an extreme will have its own voters pushing back.

  15. This is so well stated, Susan. You truly have wisdom from God. Thank you so much. I do believe this started long ago, and the movement was side tracked/delayed when President Trump unexpectedly won.

    1. We all have wisdom from God. If we only knew when we were accessing it vs. imposing our own thoughts, the world would be a better place.

  16. I think the great experiment of having a non-politician, non-Washington DC insider who knows little to nothing about governing in a political environment has proven to be a failure. And although there are many profile qualities that an employer looks for when hiring top-level employees, the most critical of those qualities near the top of that list are Experience and Character. All differences aside, the American Electorate chose a candidate whose profile has those qualities. For that, I am thankful.

    1. Well, David, I guess we disagree about the past four years and also about the character of Joe Biden as well as the value of having been in government for many decades. Having said that, we probably do agree on much else.

    2. Amen for your comment. I really don’t know how anyone can see it otherwise in the face of the facts which were present during the past 4 years of leadership in the USA. I have been deeply saddened by it and wondered how well thinking Americans facilitated such leadership and supported it. I do hope that the USA will now regain its international respect which it rightly deserves under the new leadership. May God bless America.

  17. I don’t think Biden really received that many votes. Just look at the rallies (organized and organic) and the energy behind each candidate over the past few months.
    Simply put, power corrupts, and sadly there is a lot of voter fraud by politicians to gain power. Combine that with the small group of Americans that are deceived by organizations that present themselves as news organizations, but are nothing more than activist propaganda outlets.

  18. While I somewhat, though also, naively hope for the same as you described, deep down I am not so sure I can be so generous…..the party of JFK is no more. I don’t see how it can be saved

  19. hello, thank you for your courage to post such a wonderful message. I feel just like you, too. Sincerely, mimi

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