The No-Musing Musing

This may be the shortest Susan’s Musings I have yet written. I love writing and I love the links that my writing forge between us. I feel like I know those of you who frequently comment even though we have never met in person, and I am thrilled when some of you come up to me at events where my husband or I are speaking—or even at the airport.

I have often written about homemaking and building a family being a full-time-job. This week has served as a confirmation. On Sunday, I pulled out my recipe files and planned dinners for the week. Tonight will be the first one we are actually eating.

Our children are grown, and we are blessed to live near many of those adults and their own little ones. This week, while I did what I could, I also turned down a few requests for help and, after offering rushed good wishes, I wasn’t able to stay and celebrate with our nine-year-old birthday girl.

I won’t even mention laundry and tidying, but I have also not had the chance to join my husband for a quick chat or drive. I haven’t caught up with all our further-away children by phone or paid attention to my friends. 

What have I been doing? Working, of course. Now, my work is in our ministry and done largely from home which means that I am feeling only a tiny percent of the tug-of-war that many women feel when they head out to their jobs in the morning. I also believe that my work is important and consequential. Even so, while I am incredibly excited about two projects on which I am working, I’m not happy that pretty much everything else has gone by the wayside—including having time to think about and compose a Musing.

(In just a few days we will be telling you about how you can participate in our online Master Class, based on updating our 1999 book, America’s Real War: An Orthodox Rabbi Insists that Judeo-Christian Values Are Vital for Our Nation’s Survival. I hope to share the 2nd project shortly thereafter.)

Thank you for your patience.

14 thoughts on “The No-Musing Musing”

  1. Katherine & Patrick Gray

    Mrs. Lapin,
    I share your life style in many ways so please know that you are among friends!! Also, I can’t wait to hear all about your latest project – the online Master Class; we own the book “America’s Real War”. I will be watching for the details so my husband and I can get in line to sign up! Blessings, Peace and Grace to you and Rabbi Lapin.

  2. Hi Susan, I sure wish I could send more comments to you and Rabbi Daniel, but I can’t because of my workload. But, today I wanted to take the time and let you know how much my husband and I appreciate all that you both do. You have blessed us tremendously, and our lives have become so enriched with Ancient Jewish Wisdom that you offer. Thank you! Blessings, Glyn

  3. I have often wondered how you do it all between the television show, your Musings, Thought Tools (because I know you edit the Rabbi’s writings) and speaking engagements. But I have many of your musings (and Thought Tools) that I have not had the time to read, so I will now be able to knock one or two of them out. God Bless you and Rabbi for your many contributions!

  4. Hang in there now, Susan! Keep up the good work! Love your Musings. We all have those super busy times. God bless you all!

  5. Carl August Schleg

    ‘Nothing is more important than having a WORTHY GOAL’, and u2 drive me toward it DAILY….
    For this I am GREATFULL!!!

  6. I’m reminded of the cliche’, “You can do anything you want in life. . . but you can’t do it all”.

  7. Thanks Susan for giving us a glimpse into your world. Your Shabbat is always just around the corner! I am a bit jealous of not having Shabbat in my Christian faith. It sounds like a real game changer. I wonder why Christians do their day of rest so differently? I suppose I could research it, if only I could find the time.
    Terry Sterling

  8. I used to write a monthly column for a trade magazine… hard to keep things fresh, funny and interesting each time… If it takes you more than a week or so to get things organized and written down, you won’t lose me… thanks for many great Musings!

    1. I enjoy your common sense approach to life’s issues, especially when you clarify make clear a scripture or work in the Lords language. I also watch your program and have purchased your books on Ancient Jewish wisdom. I never realized how rich the Hebrew language was until I started watching the program. Thank you so much for sharing Sincerely Annette

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