The Most Protected Minority In The United States

The late unlamented Abdul Razak Ali Artan was one of the over 75,000 Somali Moslems resettled in America by President Obama.  He chose to repay his new country’s hospitality and graciousness by trying to kill as many of his fellow Ohio residents as possible. Predictably, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are utterly clueless as to what his motive may have been.   Oddly enough, no such reticence seems to have afflicted law enforcement in the hours following Dylann Roof’s shooting spree in Charleston. Then they knew instantly that his racist hatred of African Americans was responsible. Why were authorities comfortable attributing the Charleston event to an evil ideology but they are obviously very uncomfortable attributing the Columbus event to an equally evil ideology?   Well, you all know the answer don’t you?  Why?

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  1. Dear Val from Louisiana–
    How nice to hear from you. Thanks for writing. One of the fervent beliefs of the barbarians is that all ways of living and all choices made by people are of identical value. Furthermore they are convinced that a person’s ‘religion’ can’t possibly play any role at all in their life choices. Therefore, considering Islam a factor in terrorism contradicts their fondest beliefs.
    If you haven’t already done so, do try out our TV show where Susan and I are at our most natural

  2. The real reason blows up in the face of the current administration’s agenda. A new approach by a new leader will be such a relief, and is desperately needed, Rabbi Lapin. Thanks for the above links in your comments, I enjoy going over podcasts from the past. I do not know if I would even want the job of ranking the best. They are ALL “evergreen”! Of course, wisdom IS always “evergreen”. Thank you for helping me to be a wiser woman, mother, and citizen. Regards, Val from Louisiana

  3. The PC culture of America, in my opinion, means sticking your head in the sand when it comes to radical Islam.

      1. I did listen and you are, as always, spot on. Growing up in the 60’s I remember my fathers frustration with the moral decline of society and the backlash against the norms of culture. He didn’t have a RABBI but I know he would have found your insight as brilliant. I hung onto his standards as I grew up, more out of love and respect for him than anything else. I see now, how easy it would have been for me to abandon those moral principles he instilled in me. But for the grace of God I kept myself out of the trap to a certain extent and raised my children with the same base as I had, only I pushed further into that thought process than my father did with me. Excellent podcast as always. Thanks for being my RABBI and helping me see how the world really works! Blessings!

  4. Because nobody will be beheaded, hacked, stabbed, blown up, raped, crucified or burned alive in a cage if they suggest it was racism.

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