The Buoys of Summer

Tod. Sidney. Montague. Glen. These are a few of my true
loves, complete with my husband’s blessing. In fact, he is in love with them as
well. Their full names are Tod Inlet, Sidney Spit, Montague Harbour and
Glenthorne Passage. They are among our favorite stopping points when we boat
around the Canadian Gulf Islands.

Tod Inlet


Without wanting to sound heretical, it has crossed my mind
that I would appreciate finding a missing part of the Bible listing British
Columbia as God’s suggested vacationland. Jerusalem’s spiritual air is
undeniable and the land of Israel clearly has a Godly connection that exists
nowhere else. Without negating that in the slightest, my husband and I find
that the waters of British Columbia sing to our souls.

For our first date, my husband took me aboard his sailboat
and we motored around a California marina under a drizzly, grey and windless
sky.   The message was clear; boating was
part of the deal. For years, we sailed from Los Angeles to Catalina Island, to San
Diego, and even to San Francisco. The apex came with a trans-Pacific crossing
to Honolulu, three daughters under the age of four as part of the crew.
Unbeknownst to us as we set out, a stowaway was present who would only make an
appearance nine months later in the form of our son. While I could handle
pregnancy and I could handle boating, the combination had me spending most of
the voyage hanging over the side of the boat. A year later, I still got queasy
if we drove too near the marina. Our sailing days were over.

To our delight, we discovered power boating in the Pacific
Northwest. For years, every summer found us packing up and heading out. Each time we visited favorite locations and discovered new ones. Our children made
friends in anchorages and on the docks, learned to handle lines and navigate,
and loved the experience as much as we did.

Montague Harbour

A number of circumstances led to a hiatus and our last trip,
with four of our children, one nephew, one niece and two children’s friends,
took place eight years ago. We have been living on the diesel fumes of that voyage
each summer since. This year, my husband and I headed back to the water. It was
meant to be a trip for two, though one of our daughters earned the “most hated
sibling” award by quickly booking flights so that she and her husband could
join us for a few days. (As my husband said, usually one waits to be invited,
but truthfully we were tickled that she was so eager to come.)



We had ten magnificent days and we feel truly blessed to
have had the gift of a boating holiday.
We head into the new year of 5774 that starts in less than two weeks
with renewed spirits, a refreshed appreciation for each other and a rejuvenated
appreciation for the wonders of God’s creation.

P.S. I’m going to be co-hosting a webcast with my husband this Friday. Sign up and call in! We will be discussing our Ten Commandments to Achieve Financial Prosperity program and the marriage program (that is part of the package) that we will be leading in Dallas in October. 


Admiral at work, last day

6 thoughts on “The Buoys of Summer”

  1. James, Carol and Marge,
    Thanks so much for chiming in. Rattlesnake Island sounds intriguing but truthfully, we have little desire to boat anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Hello Susan! I really enjoyed reading your musings and the fun of family life! Three Cheers for Rabbi Lapin at the helm and your happy times boating with the family.
    I smiled reading of your early dating; a misty, drizzle of a day on the waterfront. Ours was just THAT but here at Lake Winnipesaukee. and altogether, much smaller scale boating.
    Non-the-less, over the years we returned again and again from our home in NJ. It is still a great gathering place for family and the tradition of boating has grown to include our married children & grandsons. a fleet of Boston Whalers, a Chapparell, crew shells, kayaks beached or tied at the dock along side our faithful Penn Yann that we have enjoyed many, many years.
    We enjoy the telecast and your fine example of married life and good sensible life lessons.
    . Yes, everybody needs a Rabbi! Thank you for being OURS! We send loving good wishes to both of you.
    You are truly such a joy!
    Marge & Frank
    We spent many idyllic summers with our family boating out to Rattlesnake Island to swim off the rocks. Even, cooking breakfast over an open fire.
    Later our girls and their friends would join in for campfire singing.

  3. Dear Susan,
    As a Canadian, I revel in the beauty everywhere I go, at least when I can get back there as I now live in Colorado. I want to see the islands as I have never seen them in person. I also love boating (any kind) and airplanes (any kind). I am so glad that you included pictures, thank you! I also agree with James!

  4. Message to the Rabbi: thanks for disclosing a key to knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ‘em. We must all pray for “the wisdom to know the difference.”
    Dear Ms. Susan, you are making many landlocked landlubbers green with envy. What a beautiful way to spend a summer and to reunite with your family! Thanks for the photos of delightful serenity.

  5. Susan,
    Every week I read your Musings and think, “She IS a kindred spirit!” Blessings to you!

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