Expressing gratitude, whether to God, to people, or one’s country, is a mysterious but reliable portal to optimism.  There is no more effective way to induce the happy sensation of optimism and hope in our souls than finding opportunities to say, “Thank-you!”

Wishing us all a meaningful Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Dear Susan and Rabbi Daniel,

    Hope you are well.

    ~ Thank You! ~

    The renewed sense of meaning, positivity and attitude of hopefulness which lately pervades my life with a joyous sense of well-being, can be attributed directly in large part, to your thoughtful kindness and the invaluable wisdom of your teachings.

    Superbly produced, insightful and packed with deeply meaning, your content often gives me repeated food for contemplation, even days after reading or listening to yourselves. (You can tell I am a huge fan)

    Words here may not be enough to adequately express the true sense of my personal gratitude to you; many others feel similarly, I’m sure of it.

    Simply put, I wish to reiterate (and feel free to times it by a million!):
    My Sincerest Thanks !

    All the best –

    Aidan Muldoon, (UK)

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