Clean, Cleaner, and Cleanest

I have a friend who gets very little pleasure from cooking. It is a necessity of life for her rather than a tactile, sensual experience. That is, unless she is cooking for the Sabbath. When she cooks Shabbat meals for her family and friends, the activity is infused with meaning and evolves from being an […]

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Men Need Work

With a population of over 300 million people, America can be a statistical sociologist’s dream. Because doctors record so many details about patients, a treasure trove of medical data is available for research (we hope scrubbed of identifying information). Particulars of patients’ gender, height, weight, medications, and ailments are all there to be studied. When

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Cancel Mother’s Day?

The traffic light was red. I took advantage of being stationary to look at the back cover of the library book I had just picked up for my children. Big mistake. By the time the light turned green, I was crying so hard that I needed to pull over to the curb. Sarah, Plain, and

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Who are the ‘Righteous Women’?

Can you tell me more about how during the 400 year captivity the Hebrew wives didn’t let their husbands give up on God’s promises? (I’ve heard) something about the husbands wanted to stop producing children and refused to lay with their wives but the women found a way. Thanks, ∼ Marjorie C. Dear Marjorie, We

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Witches, witches everywhere?

Hi Rabbi Lapin and Susan, I am a home organizer which means that people invite me into their houses. Today, I was surprised by the house I visited when I saw some odd items. The homeowner explained she has added the practices of a nature religion to her previous spiritual Buddhism, and she thinks of

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I Can’t be Circumcised

Does that mean I don’t have a covenant? Is it possible for a single and/or divorced woman [who identifies as Gentile] to enter into a covenant relationship with God, and if so, how? Due to the female anatomy, I can not be circumcised. This is something I’ve wondered about for years. Is there a verse

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Grouchy Women

Dennis Prager’s thought-provoking columns are always interesting to read, and I agree with his arguments most of the time.  A column this week is an exception to the rule.  You can read it here, but to sum it up, he suggests that just as men as a group have more aggressive natures than women do,

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What do I tell my daughters?

Dear Rabbi and Susan, After Adam and Eve eat and are questioned about the forbidden fruit, we read [in Genesis 3:16]: Unto the woman He said: ‘I will greatly multiply thy pain and thy travail; in pain thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over

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What’s up with women not helping each other?

Dear Rabbi & Susan,  I enjoy your podcast discussions about relationships between men and women. I wonder if you have any thoughts you may like to share regarding women who discriminate against other women? Sadly, I don’t feel women are very supportive of other women and wonder why this is?  Thanks and God bless you.

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Too Much Choice?

A favorite children’s book in our house was, Who Put the Pepper in the Pot? It describes how, as a pot of soup simmered on the stove, each passing family member added a pinch of pepper. Not surprisingly, by the time dinner was served, the soup was inedible. A pinch of pepper adds zest to

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