The More One Knows

One of the top ten reasons behind why we homeschooled was to spark our children’s interest in history, a subject that too often is taught in a yawn-inducing and stultifying manner. Yet, history is endlessly fascinating, humility-inspiring, and crucially relevant. The more one learns about historical events, the more questions there are to explore. This […]

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Silly Ideas

Many people actively work in the world of “things”. Car mechanics, aircraft designers, electricians, farmers, bridge designers, bridge builders, and bridge painters are some of these people. Plumbers, carpenters, crane operators, machinists, gardeners, concrete masons, and shoemakers are a few more. Nature’s laws of physics, chemistry, and biology keep these people in check. As you

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Dear Rabbi and Susan, In the process of working through my five Fs, I’ve been reading the Bible with a group of friends. One of the things I find disturbing is the genocide in the Torah. Can you help me with the concept of conquering a people and killing every man, woman, and child? Fred

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Of Funerals

Several weeks ago, I wrote about our 19-year-old grandson studying at an Israeli college, who attended his first funeral. It was not the funeral of an aged relative, but of someone only slightly older than him, who was killed fighting in the war in Gaza. Last week it was the turn of our daughter’s 13-year-old

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What I Didn’t Say

How many times have you replayed a conversation in your mind, knowing exactly what you should have said, but didn’t? Alternatively, you might fixate on what you did say and shouldn’t have. When I occasionally subbed for my husband on his radio show, and then when we co-hosted our Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV show, it

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Destruction is Fun

I’ve often been asked what the world might look like if God had never provided His Manufacturer’s Manual. The answer is that without a Scriptural system of values and the blueprint of government that Scripture provides, we’d live in a world of unrestrained barbarism. Or as Thomas Hobbes put it in his 1651 book Leviathan,

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Hi, My name is Joanna. I hope you are safe, and your family is OK. I have a question, but I understand if you don’t want to answer. What is your opinion about Israel’s decision to cut electricity, food, and water to Gaza?I’m sorry if it seems like an offensive question, but reading what you

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Resilient Israeli Teenagers

Resilience: the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. We wish this quality for our children, especially because in America and Europe we have a front-row seat viewing the anxious, fragile, angry, and self-aggrandizing university students who have never met a challenge that cannot beat them. I have been witnessing resilience daily since the

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An Update from Rabbi Daniel and Susan

To our dear Happy Warriors, We are writing from Jerusalem in a country that is under attack. The past few days, since the morning of Shabbat which was also the morning of one of the most festive and holy days of the Jewish year, have been surreal. People here are in shock. This message is

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Cynical, Suspicious Me

Crying hearts shouldn’t direct policy. If being a statesman was easy, we would have more of them. Most of us have enough trouble just being informed citizens. Part of the challenge is being able to separate humane emotions and caring feelings from wise policy. If you are above a certain age, you might remember a

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