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I admit that Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has made me consider getting a Twitter account, something that I previously never desired. However, even if the company ceases to act as a fawning Big Brother for the Democrat Party and a Leftist agenda, its fundamental flaws remain. One of these is restricting the length of […]

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Let’s Hate Everyone

One of the basic tenets of raising children (or dealing with adults) is to notice and reward good behavior more than catching and punishing bad behavior. Smiles and frowns are both contagious, but spreading one leads to a happier world while the other makes everything seem worse. We seem to have a frenzied flap over

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The Emperor’s New Twitter – originally posted April 7, 2009

Considering that I wrote this just over a year ago, I’m amazed at how dated it sounds.     But my initial reservations about Twitter still stand, so I’m posting it again. Three of our children celebrated birthdays last month, which prompted one of them to inquire (with great tact and diplomacy) whether I was feeling

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