The Truth Isn’t Always True

It’s been over a year and I have yet to write about the events of January 6th, 2021. Few Americans are paying attention to the hearings regarding those days. Even fewer paid attention over the past year to the betrayal of the American justice system in its treatment of those who were accused of crimes […]

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Truth and Lies

What parent, at one time or another, hasn’t wished for an absolutely reliable, invisible lie-detector? What business professional interviewing a potential hire hasn’t wished for exactly the same thing?  Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘Invisible’ is impossible. True, but so is ‘absolutely reliable lie-detector,’ so I saw no harm in adding ‘invisible’ to the wish list. It is true

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Don’t Tell Me a Story

Unless you also share facts I love stories. So, probably, do you. Whether Biblical, mythological, fictional, or true, stories resonate in the human soul. You might be able to force students of history to memorize dates and place names, but stories of battles, hardships and victories lead to inspiration. The problem, of course, is that

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What’s up with gender?

Question: I’ve noticed a change in your writings. Why do you now use the word gender instead of sex? ∼ Kristal M. Answer: Dear Kristal, What an astute observation. We’re a bit humbled that you are paying such close attention to our words. The answer to your question is simple, but the implications are not.

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Is it okay to lie?

Question: I would like to know the ancient Jewish wisdom on lying. Although it is forbidden it seems to be condoned at times in the Bible, such as the stories of Rahab and the Jewish midwives in Egypt.   Could it be that it is permissible where it is for the greater good rather than

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