The Might of the Corporation

About 350 years ago, one of the most astounding tools for human development emerged. The joint stock company or the corporation first showed up in England and Holland and was largely responsible for rapidly propelling those two countries to international prominence and prosperity. Those early corporations bore names like The Hudson Bay Company, The Dutch […]

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My Wife Kept an Inheritance a Secret

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I don’t know what to do. While my wife and I have always had a roof over our head, there are times we have only been able to afford soup and crackers for supper. I work for a non-profit, a job I love, and my wife is a teacher. Despite our

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Seeing Is Believing

Seeing is believing! Is it? I’ll believe it when I see it. Really? Will you? The late great mathematician, Martin Gardner, columnist for Scientific American magazine for 25 years developed a famous card illusion. The magician shuffles a deck of cards and has the subject select and memorize a card. After a sequence of seemingly

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Trust vs. Mistrust

Psychological theories come and go. Sometimes, bogus ideas take hold and do damage as they embed themselves in society, while authentic ideas can lose popularity as they are not cutting-edge and exciting. I do not know if Erik Erikson’s stages of psycho-social development are in vogue now, but his views were what I remember from

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