Explaining My Cousin’s Behavior

I am a Jewish, modern orthodox, homeschooling mother of five who recently had the opportunity to take my kids on a tour of an American military base. Our tour guide was my cousin – a biological male who started hormone therapy in his late twenties and is now living as a woman. This was the […]

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Should I Call My Son, My Daughter?

Dear Rabbi Lapin and Susan, While still in college and near his 20th birthday, my son announced his decision to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help him look more like how he feels inside, a woman. He says he’s felt this way since early in high school, and he told us he’d already legally

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Rebuked by a Pediatrician

I am a pediatrician in Seattle. I started listening to your podcast today on the rules of dating. You made mention that male and female are immutable. I wondered if you had ever met someone who is transgender. I wondered what you thought of people who are attracted to other people of the same sex.

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Taking a non-politically correct stand at the workplace

At my place of employment, I was recently taken aside and told that I needed to address a man in our shop that is currently “transitioning” into a “woman”, by the “proper pronouns”. I believe if you were born a man, you are a man, no matter what you have cut off or added.  The

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