Were You Pranked?

Dear Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin, Were you ever pranked by your children? Sincerely, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin Dear Happy Warriors, Yesterday morning, we arose from seven days of sitting shiva for our beloved daughter, Rena. Being surrounded for the week by five of our children as well as Rena’s husband and children was […]

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Sibling Get-together

Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Lapin, As an avid reader and listener of your books, podcasts, TCT shows, and audio products, I feel that I have gained much from my exposure to ancient Jewish wisdom and am blessed to have come across you. I am currently facing a dilemma involving my family. My siblings (all grown

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A Grandfather’s Role

I have a very different idea of what constitutes a family from my daughter who lived with her mother after divorce. I define my family as those related by blood, whereas my daughter considers everyone who has ever lived in her past household, including all children of her former stepdad, even those from another mother,

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Second chance marriage

I’ve been listening to your videos on YouTube and I’m so grateful for the valuable information you share. I am a religious Jewish woman and very family-oriented. I got married at 23 which was over 2 years ago. There has been too much unsureness & insecurity & we recently got divorced. I don’t even believe

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Why is my cheating spouse doing great?

Question: Why when one is faithful in a marriage and is betrayed it seems like they are punished by the break up of the family and losses. The cheater goes on and looks successful.   How to move forward? ∼ Karen Answer: Dear Karen, We are so sorry for what sounds like a tremendously difficult

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Resentment in Marriage

Question: I have been reading your book Buried Treaure and one of the things you said was that if either partner in marriage feels like a martyr then its very bad.   Can you explain further why and what that portends? ∼ Maureen Answer: Dear Maureen, You are referring to the chapter in our book,

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