Return Your Grocery Cart

With speaking events scheduled in Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando recently, I enjoyed the hospitality of five different hotels. Without naming the hotels because it is not entirely their fault, rude and inconsiderate conduct is apparently becoming common. One morning, preparing to depart, I sought in vain for one of the complimentary luggage trolleys one usually […]

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A Broken Library System

I have lost faith in many government institutions. The IRS, the Justice Department, the military, and the CDC (among others) have behaved in ways that, sadly, suggest that they are politicized weapons rather than pillars of support for American society. Yet, the one tax-supported institution whose diminishment emotionally pains me the most is not a

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Define This

The adolescent daughter of friends of ours has an annoying habit. To almost anything said to her, she aggressively retorts, “Define __”. For instance, when I saw her last week, I innocuously greeted her with “Hello Denise, how are things with you?” “Define things” she snapped back. There was, of course, no good answer. One

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Explaining My Cousin’s Behavior

I am a Jewish, modern orthodox, homeschooling mother of five who recently had the opportunity to take my kids on a tour of an American military base. Our tour guide was my cousin – a biological male who started hormone therapy in his late twenties and is now living as a woman. This was the

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Time for Behaving Charitably?

What would you do? A few weeks ago, a blizzard hit upstate New York, leaving emergency vehicles ineffective as motorists were stranded in almost 52 inches of snow. For drivers, the prospect of freezing to death in one’s car was a scary reality. In one small town, a mechanic by the name of Jay Withey

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Normalizing the Abnormal

When talking to women looking to meet a man, they frequently say to me, “I just want to meet someone normal.” The problem is who gets to decide what is normal? My definition may be very different from yours. My views of normal certainly differ greatly from the views held by many of my fellow

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Rabbi, there’s a conflict in your teachings.

Question: I’ve noticed two major themes in your writing and speaking that, when taken together, create a dilemma. These are the themes of income being associated with the production of value for others, and the fact that the values of society are becoming less and less moral as civilization has deteriorated recently.   So this

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Easy Living – First posted 4/2/09

I was in the supermarket this morning when I heard hysterical laughter, of the kind that I associate with teen-age girls, coming from the next aisle. My guess was confirmed when I heard a young voice say, presumably to a store employee, “Sorry. It slipped out of my hands.” I couldn’t hear his reply but

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