Clean, Cleaner, and Cleanest

I have a friend who gets very little pleasure from cooking. It is a necessity of life for her rather than a tactile, sensual experience. That is, unless she is cooking for the Sabbath. When she cooks Shabbat meals for her family and friends, the activity is infused with meaning and evolves from being an […]

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An Update from Rabbi Daniel and Susan

To our dear Happy Warriors, We are writing from Jerusalem in a country that is under attack. The past few days, since the morning of Shabbat which was also the morning of one of the most festive and holy days of the Jewish year, have been surreal. People here are in shock. This message is

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Sabbath Observance and Making a Living

As I dive into old testament principles, I find myself making more and more changes in my life.  One of the changes I did this year that I need some teaching and encouragement on is the Sabbath.  My wife and I own a small business clothing retailer.  This year, we decided to close on Sundays

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A Peek Behind the Ivanka and Jared Curtain

Shelves in my local library are filled with fictional books set in Amish communities. Considering that there are only about 250,000 Amish in North America, they are way over represented in current literature. I confess to enjoying many of these books. I am obviously not the only one to feel that way. Why are so

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Nothing Trumps Your History

When democracies vote, citizens hope to elect leaders whose values align with their own.  The problem is, how do you know?  One clue is to pay far more attention to what they have done over the years than to what they say.  Interestingly, in America’s recent election, the news media along with their attendant opinion-generators

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Should I be in business with a sinner?

Question: I have been a born-again Christian for 35 years. During that time a health and wellness company I worked with as an independent contractor/nurse for 25 years, decided to sell. They offered the company to myself and a homosexual man. I was always service and he was the sales arm of the business. I

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Is praying in a group better than praying alone?

Question: What does the Bible say about group prayer? Is it more powerful than individual prayer? ∼ Kenda S. Answer: Dear Kenda, You are asking a question that may be particularly apt for our times when technology allows us to access other people without having to leave our homes. Many church services are accessible online

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Get A Head

You know those Rube Goldberg complicated contraptions that employ a long chain of mechanical levers and other devices to do something mundane like striking a match? We love watching them, partially I think because so much in life tends to camouflage cause and effect. When we watch a three minute process of rolling balls, falling

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