My Job is Training Others

I love listening to your podcast and I have watched all your Scrolling through Scripture classes. Thank you for taking the time to produce them. They are always a highlight of my day. I am the director of training for my company. I was just put into this position a few weeks ago. I have […]

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Rosh HaShana Means War

Some of my friends find challenge in running marathons while others play competitive tennis. I’ve also got friends who struggle to achieve and maintain musical proficiency. Others work on their digital dexterity for sleight of hand magical illusions. Yes, I am blessed with very interesting friends and I haven’t even come close to exhausting the

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I need new skills for my job

I thank you for all the sound advice you give. I enjoy your teachings because of all of the insights. It helps me to see why I sometimes make the wrong decisions and how to make improvements. I need your advice because I am about to make changes in my lifestyle. I have to make

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