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My friends’ success bothers me

March 13th, 2018 Posted by Ask the Rabbi 18 comments

I was doing great one Saturday morning. I had my morning devotion and meditated on the word of God. I was enjoying time with my family when I went online and saw how a friend of mine had an outpouring of love during a celebration, then I instantly felt sad.

I wondered why don’t I get people to celebrate and honour me? My question is this, how do I overcome instant feelings of sadness when I see my friend celebrating and enjoying life?

How can I get people around me to celebrate me, is it wrong to desire honour and celebration?

Thank you.

Dear Wan,

You are asking two very real and very human questions that affect most of us during our lives. The first question is how to feel happy rather than envious when good things happen to your friends. The second question is whether it is wrong to desire honor and celebration.

We have good news for you and bad news for you.  The good news is that feeling envy when good things happen to others and feeling joy when bad things happen to them is perfectly natural.  The bad news is that natural does not mean acceptable; God expects you to overcome this natural tendency and root out that part of your nature.


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