Share Your Life, Share Your Money

I had the privilege this week of being at Dave Ramsey’s campus and studio, where Dave and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, interviewed my husband about our book The Holistic You. Towards the end of the conversation, Dave mentioned that the very personable Rachel only receives intense pushback, and even hostility, when it comes to one […]

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Privilege vs. Blessing

I do not want to be a nit-picker. Naturally, this is what one would say when she is about to nit pick. So be it. I am going to write about my frustration with a book I read because I think there is an important point to make, even though what upset me is not

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Am I Too Generous?

First, let me start with the situation… I am a faithful tither, not only to my church but to other organizations. My issue is I am not good with my personal finances. My question is… Do I stop tithing to focus on my finances and then go back to tithing once I have control? I

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1 Bank Account; 2 Bank Accounts

I have been listening to your podcasts for roughly about two years now and find them very insightful on God’s word and relevant to the times and seasons, thank you for being a blessing. I come from an African household where my father was the main provider as he had a very stable and well-paid

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Savings Accounts vs. Manna from Heaven

Question of the week: When G_d supplied manna to the Hebrews, He told them to gather only what they needed for the day. Not doing so showed a lack of faith in His provision. If we are to trust in Him for our daily provision, why do we save money “for a rainy day?” Now

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Savings vs. Tithing

I finished my medical training in 2016, this on top of my training as a pharmacist. I have a plan in place to pay off my student loans in 5 more years. My wife is an engineer but is currently staying at home with our three children. She is planning on going back to school

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