The Harder They Fall

In 1956, Humphrey Bogart played sportswriter Eddie Willis in the last movie he made, The Harder They Fall.  After many ups and downs, Bogart’s character achieves greatness.  Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t want to try too hard because I don’t need to be wildly successful,” or, “I don’t want to rise too […]

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Character, Not Chromosomes, Is the Culprit

Like English cuisine, French fortitude, and Italian military, the term toxic masculinity is an oxymoron.  If it is toxic, it’s not masculine and if it’s masculine it isn’t toxic.  Okay, I was joking about those old national slurs (I apologize, you social Stalinists, yes, I know it wasn’t funny!) But think of the phrase ‘cowering

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Say Little and Lead Much

Leaders enjoy many benefits.  People seen as leaders get promoted and opportunities come their way.  Parents whose children respect them as leaders have more functional families.   But how do you begin the process of getting others to see you as a leader? We have all seen leadership in action.  Perhaps one participant at a

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Wonderful Wives – Lesser Husbands

Wildly unpopular as the observation may be, the overwhelming majority of people who get into serious trouble with the police share certain important demographic similarities.  These three characteristics are the only ones that matter: these people are male, they are not married, and few were raised in a stable home environment by a mother and

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Believe It or Not

    “What do you do for a living?” asked my seatmate on the flight to Dallas. “Well,” I responded, “My wife and I create unique and terrific products that make ancient Jewish wisdom accessible and useful to everyone. How about you?”   He answered, “I’m an accountant and I can’t wait to retire.”  I

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